Update 56

[1st Lt Alice Delisle]

Gave Sue a present for his little girl - a magical dancing doll. Learned about the cost Mortal Coil pays for resurrection from Vasquez, and responded by getting very drunk with the Mortal Coil soldiers and having a one night stand with Aliz.

[Charlotta and Lottie]

Four years ago, Charlotta and Sue met at Trog's and had a relationship that probably would have ended long ago except for one thing - Charlotta's two year old daughter. Lottie's father had walked out on them long ago, and Sue stepped into his place. Long after the relationship between the two adults had soured, they stayed together for Lottie's sake. Later, when he became part of Mortal Coil, his income went way up, but so did the periods of him being away from home. Charlotta coped by shopping a lot and cheating on him.

After he returned from being killed during the fight with AMEN, Charlotta sniped at him passive-aggressively. All she had been told was that he was on a mission and couldn't communicate, and she resents it.

Six year old Lottie, however, was overjoyed to see her Daddy. After Charlotta walked out, Daddy and daughter went and got ice cream together, and in general had a good time, despite the scary lizard cat and a tantrum or two.

Meanwhile, Charlotta returned from seeing the other man, and, feeling the threads of her relationship with Sue fraying, suggested that they look into whether Sue can legally adopt Lottie, knowing that right now there's nothing stopping him from walking away from both of them. Sue, who likewise knows that there's nothing stopping Charlotta from walking out and taking Lottie with her, was thrilled with the idea. Despite their broken relationship, they both only want what's best for their little girl.

((This is an attempt to roleplay a messy, more 'real world' type of relationship. I'd be interested in knowing what people think of it.))

[Decker the Younger]

After failing school, her fate is being discussed by a couple of archdevils and Kal. Veeeerry sloooooowly.... Still.


Is in Trog's looking for information about prominent AMEN members, but none of them have shown up. Still.

[Dr Ferris Fitzhenry]

After being nearly shot in Trog's, he had a bit of a meltdown on realizing that he never provided for Molly's care in the event of his death. Kal and Eig'Quzi both jumped in to provide friendship and advice, but he seems to remain uncorrupted for now. Probably protected by extensive deadtime. Perhaps this plot thread needs cancelling? *pokes Kris and Rot with a giant question mark* Still.

[Happy Amakirr]

Still at GLoG, despite her player never undeadtiming her.


Still dead.

[Moff 4]

Still not making anyone's noses glow in the dark.

[Sunny Evans]

For Valentine's Day, Carl used a potion to make him human size, which was exciting and a little scary. After a motorcycle ride, they had a candlelight picnic at Hallowmere, a quiet lake far from the city.

She's now holding down three jobs - Magbot maintenance, Mortal Coil contractor, and setting up her factory.

[Winslow Warwick] and family

Willow is waiting for NOIR to contact her with the news that he's developed a cure for her father or, alternately, for PM or Chumley to tell her player that they're not interested in carrying on the plot. If HT the player doesn't hear otherwise, the next update will have him getting cured offscreen.


After being initiated into the cult of Slaanesh, Jack took it upon himself to remove Xifra's psychic 'ignore me' aura. She woke up and was doubly traumatized by the after effects of the initiation and by suddenly being visible. The cultist Juan offered her drugs, but Jack forbade it, and Xifra didn't protest.

Juan then tried to comfort her emotionally, believing that she and Jack are in an abusive relationship (which is true, to an extent), and they ended up behind the curtain again. She is realizing that she both loves and hates Jack and isn't sure how to deal with him.

Anyone without an entry is idle and doing stuff offscreen.

Character list:

1st Lt Alice Delisle
Charity Evans
Charlotta and Lottie
Dag Ingasson
Darcy Turtle Brightember
Lady Dekaros of the Sixth Circle, Marchesa of War (Decker the Younger)
Decker the Catgirl
Elias Larmette
Dr Ferris Fitzhenry
George Shackleton
Hannah Snow
Moff Four
Moff Thirteen
Molly Fitzhenry
Ostari Elves
Peter Raven
Rilayne aka Crazy Aunt Riley
Sunny Evans
The Trickster
Vasilisa and family
Winslow Warwick and family