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    Barachiel, without Heldenmut.

    Large Outsider (Good, Lawful)
    Marshal 30
    HD 40d8+30d8+1050 (1368 hp)
    Speed 120 ft. (18 squares); Fly (Perfect) 160 feet
    Init: +29
    AC 77; touch 37; flat-footed 58 (+9 Dex, +20 Dodge, +27 Armor, +23, -2 Size )
    BAB +45; Grp +67
    Attack Sword of the Host +74 melee (5d6+27+20d6+10+3d6, 17-20/x4 + 12d6)
    Full-Attack Sword of the Host +74/+69/+64/+59 (5d6+27+10d6+10+3d6, 17-20/x4 + 12d6)
    Space 20 ft.; Reach 20 ft.
    Special Attacks Blade of the Heavenly Host, Trumpet on the Mount, Smote, Spell-like abilities, Call the Host, Vengeance of the Heavens, Minor Auras, Major Auras, Grant Move Action 7/day
    Special Qualities Fast as Lightning, Aura of Menace, Damage Reduction 51/Chaotic Evil Epic and Adamantine, Immunities, Indelible Imprint, Magic Circle Against Evil, Spell Resistance 59, Teleport, Tongues
    Saves Fort +51 Ref +46 Will +43
    Abilities Str 46, Dex 28, Con 38, Int 22, Wis 23, Cha 45
    Skills Diplomacy +105 , Handle Animal +90, Heal +79, Intimidate +90, Knowledge (nobility) +79, Knowledge (religion) +79, Knowledge (the planes) +79, Listen +79, Perform (oratory) +103, Sense Motive +81, Spellcraft +79, Spot +79, Survival +32
    Feats Blind-Fight, Combat Expertise, Combat Reflexes, Dodge, Flyby Attack, Improved Bull-Rush, Improved Critical (Sword of the Host), Improved Toughness1, Mobility, Negotiator, Power Attack, Run, Shock Trooper1, Skill Focus (Diplomacy)B, Skill Focus (Perform (oratory)), Spring Attack, Track, Weapon Focus (Sword of the Host), Whirlwind Attack, Wingover
    Epic Skill Focus (Diplomacy), Epic Skill Focus (Perform (oratory)), Improved Combat Reflexes, Spellcaster Harrier
    B: Bonus feat
    1: Complete Warrior
    Environment Seven Mounting Heavens of Celestia (Lunia)
    Organization Solitary
    Challenge Rating 55
    Treasure Quintuple standard, plus Heldenmut
    Alignment Lawful Good
    Advancement --

    This empyreal figure appears as a 9-foot-tall androgynous human with silver skin and dark violet eyes. Great wings covered with silver feathers grace his shoulders. He wears a flowing violet robe adorned with tiny motes of light that glow like stars. He wields a greatsword that crackle with electricity and carries a burnished silver trumpet.

    Barachiel (bah-RAY-kee-ehl) rules Lunia, the bottom layer of the great heavenly mountain, also known as the Silver Heaven. He commands Celestia’s defenses against incursion, though he rarely has much to do in that capacity. In addition, he is the herald and messenger of the archon paragons, even visiting the Material Plane on occasion to deliver messages of the utmost importance. He leads the trumpet archons and is a patron of mortal heralds as well.

    The Citadel of Stars is Barachiel’s home on the shore of the Silver Sea. A towering fortress with gleaming white marble walls, the Citadel entertains an almost constant stream of trumpet archons coming in and going out on their missions across the planes.

    Any weapon Barachiel wields is treated as good-aligned and lawful-aligned for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.

    Blade of the Heavenly Host (Su): As a free action, Barachiel may call his blade to him. It is a large +10 Shocking Blast greatsword that deals a base 5d6 damage. On a successful attack, it deals an extra 10d6 electricity damage. The blade is immune to any dispel effect or any means of destroying it. If it is removed from Barachiel’s possession, it immediately disappears, and Barachiel can re-summon it as a free action. The extra electricity damage from this ability stacks with the Shocking Blast property of the sword itself.

    Trumpet on the Mount (Su): Barachiel may sound his great, awe-inspiring trumpet as a standard action. He blasts a great burst of sound from it, causing all non-archons within 100 feet to make a Will save (DC 62) or be paralyzed for 2d4 rounds. If the trumpet is stolen from Barachiel, he may summon it to himself as a standard action, and it appears in his hand. The DC of this ability is Charisma based.

    Smote (Ex): As a standard action, three times per encounter, Barachiel may make a single melee attack against an opponent, with a bonus to the attack roll equal to his Charisma modifier. If the attack hits, Barachiel deals an extra 50d6 damage to the opponent. The damage of this attack doubles if the target is of the Evil alignment.

    Spell-like Abilities: At Will-- consecrate, daylight, detect chaos, detect evil, continual flame, dream, greater dispel magic, hallow, lightning bolt, holy aura (DC 35), holy smite (DC 31), holy word (DC 34), message, nightmare (DC 31), power word stun, sending, shield of law, true seeing, dispel evil, blade barrier (DC 33), cure critical wounds, spell turning, stoneskin, righteous might;
    3/day—miracle (DC 36), true resurrection, mass heal.
    Caster level 49th. The save DCs are Charisma-based.

    Call the Host: Four times per day, Barachiel may summon a legion of the Host. The legion includes 4d10+10 Lantern Archons, 2d4+4 Sword Archons, 1d4+4 Trumpet Archons, and 1d2+2 Throne Archons. In addition, Barachiel may summon one of the Hebdomad with this ability. He may only summon at most one legion per encounter. They last until the end of the encounter, and then return to wherever they were summoned from.

    Vengeance of the Heavens (Su): As a full round action, Barachiel may summon thunder and lightning from the skies, and have it strike an opponent. He makes a ranged touch attack against a target that he can see. That target, and all non-archon targets within 30 feet must make a Reflex save (DC 62) or take 70d6 electricity damage. If they make the save, they only take half damage. Any target who attempts the save is automatically deafened. The save DC for this ability is Charisma based.

    Minor Auras (Ex): Barachiel knows the Art of War, Master of Tactics, Motivate Dexterity, Master of Opportunity, Force of Will, Demand Fortitude, Over the Top, Watchful Eye, Accurate Strike, and Determined Caster minor auras. He uses his Charisma modifier of +17 for these effects.

    Major Auras (Ex): Barachiel knows the Motivate Ardor, Motivate Attack, Motivate Care, Steady Hands, Motivate Urgency, and Resilient Troops auras. The bonus for these effects is +6.

    Grant Move Action (Ex): Seven times per day, Barachiel may, as a standard action, grant an additional move action to all allies within 30 feet (but not himself). This extra action does not affect the allies’ initiative count; the round continues normally after Barachiel’s turn is over. (This may mean, for example, that an ally whose initiative
    count immediately follows Barachiel’s may get an extra move action from Barachiel, followed directly by a full round worth of actions on the ally’s turn.)

    Fast as Lightning (Ex): Barachiel gains a +20 Dodge bonus to Armor Class, and a +20 bonus to Initiative. He loses the bonus to Armor Class if he loses his Dexterity modifier to Armor Class.

    Aura of Menace: A righteous aura surrounds Barachiel when he fights or gets angry. Any hostile creature within a 40- foot radius of him must make a Will save (DC 62) to resist its effects. Those who fail take a –10 morale penalty on attacks, AC, and saves for one day. If an affected creature makes a successful hit against him, that creature (only) can attempt a new saving throw. A creature that makes a successful saving throw against the effect cannot be affected again by the aura for one day. The DC for this ability is Charisma based.

    Immunities: Barachiel immune to Electricity, Fire, Cold, Sonic and Acid damage. He is immune to poison, paralyze effects, mind affecting spells and effects, and petrification.

    Indelible Imprint: When one of the Celestial Hebdomad is slain, the dying paragon releases holy energy to brand its murderer for all time. The instant the paragon dies, all creatures within 100 feet who have dealt damage to the paragon within the past day must make a Will save (DC 62). Those that succeed take half damage. In any case, the creatures receive an unsightly rune upon their faces that instantly identifies them to any lawful good outsider as a murderer of a member of the Hebdomad, and take 20d6 untyped damage. The mark may be removed with a wish or miracle spell if the caster beats the Spell resistance of the paragon. The DC for this ability is Charisma based.

    Heldenmut is the shining silver full plate of Barachiel. It has an armor bonus of +27, has no maximum dexterity bonus, no speed penalty, and no armor check penalty. It has the effects of the Great Reflection, and Negating enhancements.

    Heldenmut was made in the ancient forges of the high mountain, from Orichalcum, the ore mined from mount Celestia itself. The Archons do not normally allow Orichalcum to be mined, but the ore was taken from the mountain for the purpose of making the armor of the general of the Mount. It was forged from ancient fires and techniques long forgotten by the first Archons, made of the very ideals of Law and Good. The forger, Ehren, poured his very soul into the creation of the armor, spilling blood and tears into the glowing metal. Because of this, the Orichalcum, normally pink, turned a bright silver. It also absorbed some of the essence of Ehren, and became harder than the hardest steel, but remaining as light as normal Orichalcum.

    Heldenmut is handed down, Barachiel to Barachiel. Safeguarding the ancient armor is one of their chief duties, in addition to protecting Celestia.
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