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    Rebecca Fadel

    Alias: Becca

    Gender: Female

    Race/Species: Human

    Age: 14

    Profession: Pokemon Trainer

    Description: Becca is fairly short for her age. All the hours and days she spends outdoors have left her with a tanned complexion. Her hair is a striking shade of crimson that couldn't possibly be natural. She wears it somewhat long, but generally it's pulled back in a rough ponytail. She certainly doesn't put much effort into maintaining it, as it's rather damaged and frizzy. Her eyes are a striking green and her face is just starting to get some adolescent acne. She's of the age that she's getting the feminine figure that will develop with age, but the loose clothing she wears and the big hiking boots on her feet give her a tomboy-ish look more than anything.

    Personality: Becca is enthusiastic and has an adventurous spirit. She has a tendency to be fiery and bossy, and generally thinks her way is best. She also can be rude and disrespectful, mostly because she has the kind of mother that would let her twelve year old daughter travel around the country around hostile animals all on her own. The girl, deep down, is more than a little insecure about her capabilities as a pokemon trainer, but she covers it up under a thick layer of bravado and supposed confidence.

    • A belt that holds up to six pokeballs. Has a button on it that allows her to return all her pokemon at once if she needs to.

    Inventory: Bag
    • Her pokedex that stores information on pokemon she's caught.
    • Her trainer card that marks her as a licensed trainer.
    • Misc. pokemon items like potions, pokefood, extra pokeballs, etc.
    • A couple sets of extra clothing.


    Abilities: She has no real extraordinary abilities of her own. She relies on her pokemon, which have quite spectacular abilities.

    Backstory: Becca lived a normal life in Goldenrod City, Johto. She grew up around pokemon and went to pokemon school, all the basics. Her mother was always very lax in disciplining her or placing restrictions on her. Just resently she received her first pokemon, Shroomy. Before Becca got sucked into the Nexus, she was preparing to face the Goldenrod Pokemon gym, the first gym of eight she had to beat.

    Badge Gym Leader Type
    Patrick Water / Ground

    Nickname Species Gender Ball
    Shroomy Shroomish Male
    Phanish Phanpy Male
    Crustella Crustle Female
    Clawra Corphish Female
    Charja Corphish Male
    Draeke Gyarados Male
    Gumball Goomy Female
    Bugsy Spinarak Male
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