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    Rebecca Fadel

    Gender: Female

    Race/Species: Human

    Age: 14

    Profession: Pokemon Trainer

    Becca is a teenage human girl with middle eastern features. She's short for her age and has a slender build. Her bright red hair is poorly maintained and often bound in a rough ponytail. Her skin is a light brown and her eyes green. She often dresses in sturdy clothes and has a tomboy style.

    Becca is enthusiastic and has an adventurous spirit. She has a tendency to be fiery and bossy, and generally thinks her way is best. She also can be rude and disrespectful. Deep down she's more than a little insecure about her capabilities as a pokemon trainer, but she covers it up under a thick layer of bravado.

    Pokemon Trainer - Becca may not have any abilities of her own, but she can rely on her team of Pokemon to back her up. They accompany her at all times in their pokeballs or along side her until she calls upon them.
    Nickname Species Gender Ball
    Shroomy Shroomish Male
    Phanish Phanpy Male
    Crustella Crustle Female
    Clawra Corphish Female
    Charja Charjabug Male

    Becca lived a normal life in Goldenrod City, Johto. She grew up around pokemon and went to pokemon school, all the basics. Her mother was always very lax in disciplining her or placing restrictions on her. Just resently she received her first pokemon, Shroomy. Before Becca got sucked into the Nexus, she was preparing to face the Goldenrod Pokemon gym, the first gym of eight she had to beat.
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