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    Mystic Paladin,
    Warforged Charger monster class,

    My Monk Fix
    The Orcish Disciple
    The Artytheurge
    My sublime wanderer

    Abandoned (If you want to take this and continue it, please message me to tell me and credit me in the post.):
    Soulknife Fix: I needed to nerf the manifesting and maneuver progression, but I wasn't sure how to.
    Mystic Paladin: Wasn't sure how to re-adjust it to add spells and what spells to add to the list.
    Fallen Angel:Ran out of ideas and lack of critique.

    Yes, I am this cynical and honest sometimes.

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    Rubbish! Being Lawful doesn't mean following the Law.
    Theres only one law at sea. The captains law.
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    This man here? He does lawful right!
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    My extended signature.
    Thanks to the wonderful Ceika for my signature.
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    Just one of those guys vs girls things. Guys like giant, fighting robots that shoot lazerz out their eyes while girls like pretty jewelry that sparkle in the moonlight after having a romantic interlude with a charming gentleman.

    Completely sexist, yes! Completely true, pretty much...
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