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    Cessie Mithar

    (Image made by Darklord Bright)

    Full name: Cessie Laurana Mithar

    Gender: Female

    Race/Species: Human

    Age: 28

    Alignment: Lawful Good

    Class/Profession: Sorcerer/Noble

    Power Rating: B+

    Description: Cessie has shoulder length, raven black hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. She's 5 feet and 3 inches (or 160 cm) tall and weighs about 110 lbs (or 50 kg).
    She have an aristocratic appearance with high cheekbones, narrow cheeks, a slender neck, rounded eyebrows of the same color as her hair, and a petite nose. Her skin is usually pale, but free of blemishes, a part of her nymph great, great grandmother’s heritage.
    Having wandered much of her life, including the normal types of physical activities for an adventuring mage, she isn't very strong-looking, but she’s slender and hardly out of shape.
    She always wears a conservative medieval-fashioned dress of some sort, not showing an inch of skin beyond her hands and part of her neck.

    Other interpretations of Cessie's appearance by various talented artists:

    (Made by Mazeburn.)

    (Made by beiibis)

    (Made by Haela)

    (Made by Gulaghar)

    (Sakura and Cessie together made by Doria-Plume)

    Cessie by Gulaghar.

    Personality: Having first been raised as the priestess of her family (one to war, one to rule, one to pray, one to pay...), before she discovered her latent magic ability at the age of 14, Cessie is highly conservative in many ways.
    Her upbringing has made her strongly believe in laws and that people can be changed for the better without violence. She has a positive outlook of life and often believe the best of everyone, but isn't exactly naive either.
    Being a wizard, she is also deeply enthusiastic about all-things magical.
    She curiously tries to understand all the mysteries of the world and learn the limits of her magical ability, which she yet has discovered.
    Cessie does have a wild side (yet another part of her nymph heritage), but very rarely let's it out unless alone with a very close friend in the privacy of her own home.
    She believes that such behavior is best left behind closed doors, trying to maintain a strict respectable image in any place that could be called 'public'.

    Standard Equipment:
    • An engagement ring marking her marriage with Aegnor. She no longer wears this, as Aegnor is dead, and she’s replaced it with the ring Harnel gave her as a symbol of her new marriage.
    • A small dagger given to her by Aegnor, kept as a memory of him along with her first wedding ring.
    • Another dagger given to her by Harnel, her second husband.
    • Black orb containing the essence of the dead elven god Reoron.
    • Ring of shielding taken from an slaver. This ring creates a magical shield around it's wearer if attacked by physical means.
    • A powerful artifact which allows one person to enter another's mind.
    • A bag of holding she took from WATCHTOWER's armory which now holds all her equipment.
    • A number of extra dresses and other clothes.
    • Some books she reads when she has nothing else to do.
    • A force staff she found in the Serpent's Gaze hotel which empowers her magic.

    Backstory: Way too long to summarize here, as it took place over a two year long campaign, including the backstory she had before that and the one between the campaign and the time she came to the Nexus.
    Find out more by talking to her or try to read the wiki.

    Miscellaneous: Her brother Arik is in the nexus as well They both belonging to the same ruling family of the empire they were born in.

    Marrying Harnel back in Hestopia and eventually gave birth to two children, Cora and Bastion.
    This is their wedding:

    (By Gulaghar)

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