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    Make sure you have the ability to acquire an unreasonably large number of natural weapons. That's the best way to get extra attacks once you've maxed out your TWF/flurry of blows potential. There's considerable synergy between monk/druid (wildshape), monk/barbarian/bear warrior, or monk (bear rage)/any class that can cast polymorph (hydra fun).

    It's only kind of tangentially related to the topic at hand, but the Summoner in my sig can also manage a pretty impressive number of natural attacks by attuning to the right kind of planar companion. Plus you get the companion and anything else you summon, which gives "you" a heck of a lot of attacks indeed.

    I'm also working on an arcane class called the Shapeshifter, which is essentially an entire class built around the alter self/polymorph/shapechange line. The shapeshifter will be able to pretty easily manifest 8+ natural weapons by upper levels. Unfortunately I'm really struggling to think up interesting/useful class features, so it's kind of languishing incomplete ATM.

    P.S. You're very kind to your DM. In a level 40 gestalt game, I'd play an archivist/cleric/dweomerkeeper//illusionist/shadowcraft mage/incantatrix, and basically just tell the DM how the game is gonna be.
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