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1) The monk is not a front-liner. The revised monk is intended to function as a melee-oriented dps skirmisher and skillmonkey, much like a rogue, ranger or scout (but without the wilderness focus of the latter two classes). It should also be able to step into other roles such as party face or infiltrator.
A mention of full BAB in two posts, almost consecutively? Darn, its on your first post, jiriku, when they'll get it?

In any case, I'd like to point something interesting because there seems to be a mild conflict between your intention of making the Monk a skirmisher and the bonus feats, which include stuff like Improved Grapple, Improved Disarm and Improved Trip, which are generally dependant on good BAB (specially Imp. Grapple, which needs a superb BAB). Since the role is to keep it as a skirmisher, having those options open might be a bit troubling for a character who wishes to make a grappler out of a monk (not odd, since you get increased unarmed strike damage to add to the grapple attempts), or a tripper (making the Monk slightly dependant on Strength; Empty Strike helps only a bit on 3rd level but not to the degree of other classes). Generally that's a strong point behind giving full BAB to a Monk, because the idea of making trippers or grapplers out of the chassis should be an option.

Having said that; there's no alternate option for those few characters who might want to make a more mobile yet still strong grappler or tripper, and that might make some utility out of the extra BAB to succeed on a grapple at least? Pathfinder Monk has a similar option you might just "borrow" to make Monks insane grapplers in any case someone might use the class without a particular focus in skirmishing. Maybe you can make it part of Empty Strike if you desire; it's an apparently minor +5 bonus at level 20, but with good Wisdom and other modifiers you can do a quite surprising grapple during the way.

Also, minor nitpick, but they are still "unproficient" with unarmed strikes. Just mentioning.