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    Default Re: [Hourglass of Zihaja D&D 4e] Heroes on a Sea of Swords IC

    The Merchant's Guild
    A lizardman clerk takes Hakhpur's question. It is not often we see travelers from so far away! Greetings, my friend. The lizardman is mild-mannered, polite and sounds genuinely helpful. If you wish to join the Merchant's Guild, there is a prescribed process. You must show us some credentials, of course - evidence that you would be a productive addition to the Guild. Once we have those, the higher-ups will review your application. If you are accepted, you will enter the Guild as a Peddler. With good standing and productive contributions, you can be subsequently promoted to Journeyman, Tradesman, and even possibly Broker, though not many have the skill to climb that high... each subsequent tier has more responsibilities within the Guild. Overseeing all is the great Guild-Master, The Most Holy and Honourable Zaman Abdul of the Divine Assembly.

    The Bazaar
    The gaudily dressed man doesn't even realize that the communication was telepathic - he thought she said it aloud. Ah, most excellent choices, young miss. I admire your discerning eye and fine taste! Crossbows, you say? Hmm, I, of course, would not deal in so coarse and blunt a tool of war. If you are looking for more dazzling specimens of the finest workmandship and quality, then you must go to Qurab's Metal and Glass Works, on the other side of our fine city, in Scalytown near the Outer Circle Street. If you wish to purchase a more mundane armament, your most beautiful companion might find something to her liking right here in the Market Square.
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