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    Default Re: Murphy's Law 6: Will we ever stop burning through threads so quickly?

    Quote Originally Posted by Chilingsworth View Post
    Do you mean in the "illegitimate child" sense, or the "horribly irritating person" sense? If it's the former, still "no good reason." If it's the latter, then abandonment might be understandable.
    I imagine it is the former. I can't remember which strip exactly but I do remember at one point when one character called another 'bastard' Janine insisted that she wasn't one, she was just 'born six months early' or something along those lines. The rest of the party/everybody else there pretty much ignored this comment, possibly because they didn't hear.

    [Goes off for an archive trawl]

    EDIT: it's five months premature in the strip called '240 Proof', apparently. (Number 45) And Tinder responds to the 'five months premature' thing with a sad face and Matt stops questioning her about girl on girl action to apologise to her so there was some reaction to her mentioning it.
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