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...That's actually about what I was guessing it was from the looks of it. Nutritionally sound I guess but man, you'd have to be hungry to eat it.

And I meant former rather than latter when talking about which sort of bastard Janine was. I'm slow but something that obvious I can pick up pretty easily - this time it was just my dyslexia playing tricks with me.

I'm kind of disappointed Janine's backstory isn't going to come up properly until the prequels, to be honest: Janine's a very lightly sketched character already so knowing that her backstory (which seems to hold the key to the way she is now) won't actually be delved into properly in Murphy's Law at all is kind of a downer. She hasn't had a lot to do so far apart from hitting on Lloyd and getting freaked out/ upset about things occaisionally. I suppose this story arc may change that a bit by putting her to the fore for once.

I suppose it was always going to be tricky getting the balance right with a core cast of six main characters who are usually dominating the same space. You've got to work harder to bring each of them out individually and as members of the group...
Well, it's basically oatmeal with hardboiled eggs or something? Nutritionally sound, but very bland. Then again, Janine didn't have much to work with either.

Speaking of Janine, like I said: I'm not going to explicitly show what happened to her until the prequel, but in Murphy's Law, I will give enough information for you guys to figure it out.