The Hand

Real name: I was once Steven and myself, but we two are now one.
Gender: Male
Race/Species: Human would be the most accurate.
Alignment: I am not sure anymore. At one point I was merely chaos, perhaps Steven has had an influence on me since our permanent joining. Neutral Good with chaotic tendencies would be a fantastic description.
Class/Profession: Living personification of chaos and an Office Clerk.
Power Rating: Usually a B- due to laziness. Full capabilities rival that of the gods (A+). Often keeps his power in check to make his "fun" a bit more fair.
Description: Looks human, except for the red skin. Wears a dark blue suit with a fedora hat. Completely bald.
Personality: Clinically insane. The Hand is a fun-loving, carefree prankster with a bit of an eye for the ladies. Despite this, The Hand is fully capable of being genuinely sincere and even deathly serious at times.
Equipment: Nothing but the clothes on his back. He can create whatever he needs.
Abilities: Nigh-perfect control of matter, space and time. Can create anything and everything at will, usually in some sort of comedic fashion (e.g. turning a gun into a water pistol, or creating a custard-pie cannon). Can disappear and reappear at will by turning into a red whirlwind.
Backstory: Steven Ipkyte went on a vacation one day, and found a specific artifact known as "The Glove". After donning the artifact, Steven's body became the host of the personification of Chaos known as The Hand. It has been seven years since their initial union, and they are now finally one whole rather than two halves.