Anthony Howell Rowan The Sixth

"I cannot be your friend. It might make me feel remorseful later when I murder you."

Gender: Male

Alias: The Rival; The Exorcist

Species: Human

Age: 18

Alignment: True Neutral

Profession: Demon Slayer; Rival; Researcher

Power Rating: C+

Physical Description: At a height of 5' 11" it seems as though Rowan is neither tall nor short considering his race. Rowan weighs 177 lbs. Raven black hair and deep, coffee brown eyes. He is of a mesomorphic build and is as healthy as a boy his age should be. His short hair generally stands on end and faintly resembles Lieutenant Surge's hairstyle. He possesses a strength just above average for a male of his age, as is suggested by the state of his core muscles and biceps. He wears a pair of black (canvas) jeans and a long-sleeve black cotton shirt with polished black leather boots. A belt is worn around his waist. The buckle is a skull crafted from gold. He hauls an oversized black rucksack with him everywhere he goes packed with ample supplies and wears training weights on his shoulders, arms, and legs, though these weights are rather light only amounting to about twenty pounds total.

Personality: Extremely bold in his fighting style and consistently a haughty jerk. He seems to have quite a cynical worldview that sees death as a necessity and power as a must. Though quite witty and blunt in his nature, he comes across as abrasive due to his personality on multiple occasions. Though he is intelligent, he is rather ineffectual when it comes to explaining a concept to another, seeing as his rather in-depth explanations are overly-complicated in most situations. Rowan possesses quite the superiority complex and will not hesitate to fight someone who he believes has insulted his honor. He does possess a soft side, but it is seldom observed. He seems to push away other sapient beings for his protection. He totes some literature with him to take the place of human companions. On rare occasions, he betrays the secrecy of his true feelings towards the world through his kindness, generosity, and compassion. He is very sensitive about the death of his mother and other such elements of his past. He is pious and pompous. He is effective against demons. Some argue this is because he has the potential to be more cruel than the demons themselves.

Concerning Equipment:
-An assortment of vials, syringes, pipettes, chemicals, beakers, and other like chemical equipment.
-Basic Camping Equipment (Survival Kit, Antivenom, Rations (3 days worth), Purified Water, A Canteen, A Medical Kit, Pots, Pans, A Tent, A Sleeping Bag, A Blanket, A Lighter, A Water Filtration System, And Etcetera)
-3 Changes Of Clothes
-Soap, Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Floss, Shampoo, Conditioner
-Camo Paint
-A 9mm Pistol (Black, Iron Sights)
-Three Ammo Clips

In Regards To Abilities:
-Escape Artist
-Superior Logic
-Computer Skills (Programming and Engineering)
-Above Average Strength
-Knowledge Of Chemistry (Including Chemistry Related To Biology)
-Currently Studying Physics
-Skilled Pistoleer, Rifleman, and Fencer
-Knowledge Of Lore
-Unarmed Fighting Skill
-Psychic Ability (Energy Manipulation Exclusively -- Cannot Directly Affect Another Organism's Energy Levels)
-Can Detect The Prescence Of Supernatural Beings

Background: The boy is rather secretive about his background and will let it be known that he has had a mother and father (only the father remains). He was raised in a rather treacherous area of town because his stately ancestral home was located in that area; he eventually was coerced into joining a gang at 13. Long after, his father moved to a new region allowing him to break away from the gang. He took to drinking reading heavily as soon as he could in an attempt to escape his reality. This has only intensified his disillusion with it.


Theme Song: Kinslayer -- By Nightwish

He has a major psychological problem with being touched. He is both skitsophrenic and neurotic.