Healing Atop the towers.

So, I'm in a group, an elf rogue, we are attacking this camp of orcs, I and an NPC attack from the north while the other player- half-elf paladin- attack from the south.
In my attack I go up and stab an orc from behind with sneak attack but this attracts the attention of the other orcs and I have to run away cause there is like five of them and only one of me. So there I go running off like the cowardly rogue I am, with the NPC behind the orcs and not being helpful at all the entire time why?
because this NPC has he worst luck imaginable. our group dubbed "Miss No-Hit."
cause she liked attacked an orc a dozen times, missed every time and said orc didn't even notice she was THERE. Seriously throughout most of that battle, that NPC rogue didn't hit a thing.

So having no help my character run to the towers near the main gate of the camp, where orcs come down the tower and are joining the southern battle which is good news.
bad news: the north orcs chasing me caught up with me, and I start taking damage I flee into the tower and my HP is ZERO, the DM is kind and allows me to move cause the half-elf pally is busy right now.
So I start limping up the tower, cause I can't go back down causes there is a bunch of orcs standing at the base, waiting.
and when I get to the top of the tower? orc healing potions. that is right, orcs apparently keep their healing potions on top of towers, don't think about how this doesn't not make sense at all. I drink it and gain 2 hp but the orcs are still at the base so I can't go back down the usual way.
The solution? I JUMP out of the tower using my good jump and tumble checks and landed in a soft bush or something, landing with out any damage.
Then , because I have only two hp, I decide to go up the second tower at the gate, get another healing potion to get my hp up to four, then just jump out of it AGAIN, just because its faster, and again I land with no damage.
From then on my character had a love for jumping.