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    Darth Stabber
    As the skill and creativity of the wielder increase, the number of problems that can't be solved by a lightsaber approaches 0.

    Alias: Stabby, Stabber, Grand Master Slash, Walter Smith
    Gender: Male, unless Lix says otherwise.
    Race/Species: Human
    Age: 37.
    Alignment: Utilitarian
    Class/Profession: Sith Apprentice/Force Adept
    Power Rating: C+, While mediocre at force powers, his saber skills are impecable
    Description: 6' tall, 165lb lithe build. Long (obviously dyed) black hair. His face is usually obscured by gas mask. He wears a tight fitting body suit with cortosis plates placed in such a way to minimize loss of mobility. A long black cape with with red details completes the look.
    Personality: Despite keeping the title and mode of dress of his former career as a sith, Darth stabber is a good guy (though a bit trigger happy). He is energetic, and friendly. He is currently working on getting over a gambling problem. He is an extrovert, and a bit of a perfectionist.
    Equipment: Lightsaber, Armor, Thermal Detonator, road flare, and an empty pokeball.
    Abilities: Unreliable force powers, Excellent swordsmanship, and Grenade/lightsaber homerun king.
    Backstory: When his home planet was taken by the sith, Walter Smith was taken in as one of the planets force sensitives for sith training. His mastery of force powers never happened, but his swordsmanship was top of his class. After a few years of pillaging and plunder, he lost his taste for it and struck out on his own. After developing a few more uses for force lightning (like Defibrilate and recharge power pack), he attempted to become a proffessional Sabaac player. He's now on the run from Gordito the Hutt, for his massive gambling debt.
    Miscellaneous: If gender swapped, Darth Stabber talks like this
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