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Thread: [3.5] LA +1 & LA +2 Player Race List

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    Well, obviously most people are aware of the Master Player Race List, which lists all the LA +0 playable races in 3.X.

    It struck me a while back, that there was no equivalent for LA +1 and LA +2 races. Since the Level Buyoff optional rule from Unearthed Arcana is commonly used for LA +1 and LA +2 races, it might be nice to have a "master list" for them, as we do for LA +0.

    So here is my project, to create a list, as complete as possible, of LA+1 and LA +2 playable races. I would ask that if people notice any errors or omissions in the lists, please point them out, and I will update it accordingly. I don't claim this list to be comprehensive, so additions are welcome.

    At the current point in time, I have no plans to create a listing for LA +3 or higher, nor to create a list for creatures with racial hit dice. The list also does not include templates. These might be projects for the future. Also, I have not included sources such as Dragon Magazine, just as the Master Player list does not (I'm also hesitant to add Dragon Magazine material as I don't have copies of them to fact check their stats).

    OK, the following seems to be unclear:
    • This list does not include creatures with RHD. This also means that creatures with RHD and "monster classes" are not included. The ECL of these characters will be class levels + LA (i.e ECL 2 for LA +1, ECL 3 for LA +1, at first class level).
    • The list does not include templates - all of these are races in their own right, and not templates applied to other creatures.
    • The list only includes "official" WotC books (including Dragon Magazine Compendium and the Dragonlance Campaign Setting). It does not include Dragon Magazine - this is not an indictment on this material, just that I have no (legal) means to verify the stats of these races.