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Thread: [3.5] LA +1 & LA +2 Player Race List

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    found from this thread begun by Thurbane back in June of 2007


    for the +1 LA list

    Bariaur Planar Handbook
    Bullywug Monsters Of Faerūn
    Catfolk Races Of The Wild
    Deathtouched, Mortif Dragon #313
    Diopsid Dragon Comp. I
    Dromite Expanded Psionics
    Dvati Dragon Comp. I
    Dwarf, Aquatic Unearthed Arcana
    Dwarf, Duergar Expanded Psionics
    Dwarf, Frost Planar Handbook
    Elf, Aquatic Stormwrack
    Elf, Ghost Dragon #313
    Feytouched Fiend Folio
    Gibberling Monsters Of Faerūn
    Gnome, Aquatic Unearthed Arcana
    Gnome, Chaos Races Of Stone
    Gnome, Fire Planar Handbook
    Gnome, Forest Races Of Faerūn
    Goblinoid, Blue Expanded Psionics
    Goblinoid, Goblin, Aquatic Unearthed Arcana
    Goblinoid, Goblin, Forestkith Monster Manual III
    Goblinoid, Goblin, Snow Frostburn
    Goblinoid, Hobgoblin Races Of Faerūn
    Goblinoid, Hobgoblin, Fire Unearthed Arcana
    Goblinoid, Hobgoblin, Sunscorch Dragon Magic
    Goblinoid, Norker Dragon #343
    Goliath Races Of Stone
    Golmoid Dragon #317
    Half–Giant Expanded Psionics
    Half–Giant, Eneko Secrets Of Sarlona
    Half–Orc, Aquatic Unearthed Arcana
    Halfling, Aquatic Unearthed Arcana
    Human, Aquatic Unearthed Arcana
    Human, Inspired Empty Vessel Eberron CS
    Insectare Dragon #339
    Kobold, Aquatic Unearthed Arcana
    Lizardfolk, Poison Dusk Monster Manual III
    Mephling, Air Planar Handbook
    Mephling, Earth Planar Handbook
    Mephling, Fire Planar Handbook
    Mephling, Water Planar Handbook
    Merfolk Monster Manual
    Modron, Exiled Dragon #354
    Mul Dragon #319
    Naga, Shinomen, Greensnake OA/Dragon #318
    Orc, Aquatic Unearthed Arcana
    Orc, Gray Races Of Faerūn
    Planetouched, Aasimar Races Of Destiny
    Planetouched, Axani Dragon #297
    Planetouched, Azerblood Dragon #350
    Planetouched, Cansin Dragon #297
    Planetouched, Celadrin Dragon #350
    Planetouched, Chaond Monster Manual II
    Planetouched, D’hin’ni Dragon #350
    Planetouched, Genasi, Air FR Campaign Setting
    Planetouched, Genasi, Dust Dragon #297
    Planetouched, Genasi, Earth FR Campaign Setting
    Planetouched, Genasi, Fire FR Campaign Setting
    Planetouched, Genasi, Ice Dragon #297
    Planetouched, Genasi, Magma Dragon #297
    Planetouched, Genasi, Ooze Dragon #297
    Planetouched, Genasi, Smoke Dragon #297
    Planetouched, Genasi, Steam Dragon #297
    Planetouched, Genasi, Water FR Campaign Setting
    Planetouched, Maeluth Fiend Folio
    Planetouched, Mechanatrix Fiend Folio
    Planetouched, Tiefling Races Of Destiny
    Planetouched, Wispling Fiend Folio
    Planetouched, Worghest Dragon #350
    Planetouched, Zenythri Monster Manual II
    Shadowswyft Planar Handbook
    Siv Monsters Of Faerūn
    Uldra Frostburn
    Vodyanoi Dragon #352
    Wildren Planar Handbook

    for the LA +2 list

    Elf, Deepwyrm Drow (Dragon Magic)
    Elf, Drow (FR Campaign Setting/Monster Manual)
    Elf, Umbragen (Dragon #330) (granted, these are basically just Eberron drow, but a completely different culture)
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