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    Quote Originally Posted by TheGeckoKing View Post
    Well, my only advice is stick to what the colors are typically about;

    White - You've got that down
    Blue - You've probably got that down, but make sure there's some mind control/heavy enchantment/knowledge themed (Think Scholar's Touch)
    Black - Necromancy/Debuffing
    Green - Buff/Summoning
    Red - BURRRRRRRRRRRN!!!!!!!!!!

    But you knew that, so i'm just being pedantic.

    Other than that, you might want to specfy in Blue's Tinkerer about what happens when the Hommunculus/Hommonculi kick the bucket.

    In short, keep up the good work.
    Thanks, will do . That was my general idea. Most schools don't map on well but my rough sketch is...

    WHITE: White gets to heal. Lame, I know. Anything that provides a boost to attack, AC, or saves tended to get tossed into white as well. To give them a bit more versatility, banishment effects got lumped into white due to the inspiration of cards like this.

    BLUE: The Dispel/spell-busting abjurations, illusions, mind-controlling enchantments, divinations, and MAYBE (I'm really torn) Teleports and a few transmutation effects (probably just Alter Self and Baleful Polymorph due to power level concerns). Basically they'll look a lot like a modified Beguiler's list.

    BLACK: If it's a necromancy effect, it's black. Black will get some enchantment/transmutation effects of the ability damage variety (Touch of Idiocy, Ray of Clumsiness), as well as some Undead/Demon summoning and the occasional damage spell.

    RED: If there's a halfway decent spell that does fire or electric damage (and occasionally sonic or cold damage), Red gets it. To make sure they're not a one-trick pony, Red also gets a smattering of trickster spells from Illusion, Confusion/Rage effects from Enchantment, and anything that boosts speed (including Haste).

    GREEN: Will look an awful lot like a druid's list without the blasting: lots of battlefield control, summoning, and buffing with some delayed healing progression to boot.

    This will clearly make Blue and Green the "best" colors, so I was hoping the Boons would be more balanced so we at least saw some intriguing "multicolor" 'walkers. What do you guys think?

    Quote Originally Posted by Southern Cross View Post
    So yet another Charisma-based arcane class? The Planeswalker class appears to be the opposite of Paizo's Summoner class in that it sends the character to other planes of existence,instead of summoning creatures.
    One thing I've noted is the very limited number of spells known. Since its stated in the text that the Planeswalker needs to learn two spells of the same color to learn a higher level spell,most Planeswalkers will only have access to two colors at best. Was this intentional?
    Originally the planeswalker got to designate which mental stat governed their casting. The idea appealed to me but was dropped for simplicity's sake, but I could be persuaded to bring the idea back.

    The color restriction on spells known was intentional. While I wanted this class to offer way more freedom than some other adaptations I've seen, I also wanted players to have to make a clear and serious choice between the colors and didn't get to just have access to the entire game's spell list. I was hoping that making the color restrictions of each thing separate (ie you can learn Black and Blue spells while focusing on White boons with a Red skill list) would be enough freedom.

    I'm not sure I'd give the 'walker too many more spells known (they are based off bardic casting); the "guide" to them might strongly suggest "Extra Spell" as an important feat for characters wanting to have more breadth in their spellcasting. What I might be convinced to do is...

    - Say that when learning a spell of a high level, they may always instead learn a lower level spell. Like boons, you can start sacrificing your ability to get 6th levels in more than one color (or any color) in order to gain 5th levels from 3 colors.

    - Implement a "swap spells" like every other spontaneous caster in the game, allowing planeswalkers who've learned high level magic in one color to start branching into other colors at higher levels.

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