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    I know this is slightly irrelevent to the conversation you're having at the moment about full BAB (which I think is fine as is. Maybe one solution would be to use class level as BAB for flurry of blows? make everyone happy?), but I had an idea that might help the skirmishy aspect of the class, and encourage the player to keep moving.

    when he gets abundant step at 8th level, maybe give him an alternate ability thats something like:

    Quickstep: whenever you move 10 ft in one round you gain 20% concealment, as if under the effects of the blur spell.

    Then, this could upgrade at 13th level instead of gaining empty step. Maybe give him displacement instead of blur?

    This would make sure he keeps moving, especially as a tie in with the skirmish ACF.

    just an idea, but by the way thank you so much. This makes me glad that I've kept with monks. and thanks for the esoteric weapon feat as well- who says I can't play the wandering swordsman?

    EDIT: Question about the skirmish ACF. Do your unarmed strikes still deal 1d6 damage? because if not that makes your ki strike must less useful. Maybe clarify that a little in the ability, because as I understand it, you gain no bonuses to damage (so thats 1d4, still lethal though because of the feat), and instead gain 1d6 skirmish at first level.
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