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Thread: [3.5] LA +1 & LA +2 Player Race List

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    Thanks to everyone (please keep the input coming), especially Sinfonian, Andion Isurand and Amnestic.

    Updated list with Blue, Dargonesti, Dimernesti, Empty Vessel, Fey'ri, Gray Orc, Hagspawn, Half-ogre (Krynn), Irda, Merfolk & Volodni.
    Quote Originally Posted by Essence_of_War
    Quick question, when you say LA +1/+2 do you mean ECL +1/+2? I just wanted to clarify your OP.
    Yeah, sorry I didn't make that clear initially. All races in my list are 0 RHD.
    Quote Originally Posted by CockroachTeaParty
    I'm surprised there are so few LA+2 races with no racial HD. For some reason I always though there were more of them...
    Yes, me too.

    Also, the CR calculation for these races isn't always made clear (for NPCs). I generally use the Drow & Karsite calculation for LA +2 races. CR = class levels for NPC classes, or class levels +1 for PC classes.