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    Name: Sophie Mouchabiere
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Age: 27
    Profession: Social worker and a hunter of monsters.
    Power Rating: C- to C
    Description: Sophie is a fairly short, dark-skinned woman of African descent with short, black hair and blue eyes. She is reasonably well-built, but not overly so. She has some minor scars.

    Personality: Sophie is a friendly, open-minded person... as much as one can be friendly and open-minded after what she's been through. She tends to assume the best about people barring strong evidence to the contrary. She's also very patient and willing to listen to people. However, there's a darker side to it - she's a bit of a control freak, feeling like she has to take care of and fix all problems, real or otherwise, around her. She also tends to impose her help on people whether they need it or not. It's partially a result of her traumatic experiences as one of the Imbued.
    Equipment: Not much. A pair of jeans, a denim jacket, a white shirt, a handgun with two magazines, a first-aid kit and some money. She was transported to the Nexus in the middle of a mission.
    Abilities: Sophie has good social skills, knowing well both how to talk to people and listen to them. She also knows a lot about gardening and is a decent shot with a gun. On top of that, she's got the powers bestowed upon her by the Heralds. They are as follows:
    • A second-sight type state of mind that she can enter to pierce supernatural disguises and protect her mind from intrusion and manipulation.
    • An ability to stop an attack by yelling "Stop!" "No!" or something similar. This attack may be directed at her or someone else. It's an unnatural mental infuence that can be resisted.
    • A power to appear reasonable and non-threatening to the person she's talking to. Its effectiveness varies hugely on the affected person's attitude - if they're not feeling strong emotions to begin with, it's unlikely to do anything.
    • The power to look into an inhuman creature in the eyes and force it to confront what remains of its humanity by a simple question. The results vary between monsters. As above, can be resisted.
    • The ability to heal others by breathing into their mouths - which looks like mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Very physically draining for Sophie. This power has an offensive application - Sophie can supernatural monsters of of their power. Mouth contact isn't necessary for it, but she needs to get close.
    • A brief glimpse to the future, potentially revealing the best short-term course of action.
    • An ability to pinpoint the weaknesses of a supernatural monster.

    All these abilities are mentally draining for her, so she tends not to use them too freely.
    Backstory: Sophie was born in France and for the first twenty five years, her life was normal - she finished high school, then college and became a social worker and an amateur gardener. However, one night when she visited one of the people in her custody, everything changed.
    She found the door unlocked and noone answered her greeting. Worried that something bad had happened, she investigated the small house... and found her charge being fed on by... something. She stood there for two seconds, frozen with shock and horror, when she saw a white light and heard a voice that sounded almost like her own. It said: You're here to help. You're the only one that can help. Without thinking, she rushed forwards, yelling: "No, stop!". And the monster stopped; dragged itself away from its victim. It looked at Sophie in shock and disbelief and ran. Sophie patched the wounded woman up and told the authorities that she had injured herself.
    In the weeks that followed, Sophie was convinced that she had gone crazy and started hearing voices and seeing monsters. She was wrong, though; she was one of the Imbued, mortals who recieved a call from the mysterious Messengers, saw the world for what it truly was - beset from all sides and ruled by monsters - and were given powers to fight the supernatural. She joined the hunt and found she was one of the hunters called Redeemers - those who want to help first and foremost, both the monsters and the monsters' victims and are granted powers to that end. She continued the hunt for two years, which is a long time for a hunter, when she and three other Imbued faced a powerful, immoral mage who was sadly beyond redemption. When they entered the mage's hideout, they were set upon by powerful magic and Sophie suddenly found herself in the Nexus, not far from Trog's Tavern.
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