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    I post my homebrew both to receive feedback that will make the experience for my players better, and for use by the community. If you have feedback for me, or are using one of my classes and have a question, I'd love to hear from you.

    3.5 Remix:
    Remixes to core rules intended to improve game balance, speed up gameplay, and add more fun to your table.
    Philosopher's Stone: A single-sheet Magic Remix intended to globally reduce the power of spells for low-magic campaigns. Philosopher's Stone is easy to learn, easy to use, and effectively narrows the power gap between magical and mundane characters.
    Eagle Eye: A watchlist for the novice DM, this list highlights spells that could create balance problems for your group. This list can help you decide which spells to ban or nerf, if you're inclined to tweak individual spells. (coming soon)
    Remixed base classes:
    These are all rebalanced with the goal of bringing them up to the Tier 3 - Tier 4 range, which many agree is the "sweet spot" for class balance. If used, they generally render one or more published classes obsolete. Particular effort has been made to preserve the style of the source material to produce a more playable successor class with the authentic look-and-feel of the original(s).
    Monk: a striker/skill monkey upgrade to the monk. Probably my most popular piece of homebrew, and definitely the one I receive the most PMs about.
    Daring Outlaw: a striker/skill monkey class to replace both rogue and swashbuckler
    Fighter: a well-rounded, flexible martial class to replace the barbarian, fighter, marshal, and samurai all at once.
    Healer: an upgrade that turns the healer into a potent multi-functional support caster.
    Hexblade: A curse on you and all your clan! (in development)
    Knight-Paladin: a defender class to replace both knight and paladin (derp)
    Shadowcaster: a more versatile shadowcaster with an expanded mystery list. (In playtest, expected upload January 2013)
    Soulcrafter: a front-line warrior who uses augments to power up his soulcraft items. Replaces soulknife.
    Swift Hunter: a striker/skill monkey class to replace both ranger and scout.

    New Base Classes: These are generally attempts to rebalance Tier 1 classes by breaking them apart into more focused and specialized classes. They are not competitive with Tier 1 classes (that's kind of the point, in fact). I often build these classes by taking a particularly flavorful prestige class and extending it to 20 levels.

    Machinist: A steampunk-themed swordsage variant that blends magic, skill, martial prowess, and a little mad science.
    Avatar: A cleric remix that gains phenomenal cosmic power only when acting in his deity's interests.
    Magician: A practitioner of low magic, including sympathetic magic and the crafting of simple magic items. Sorcerer replacement.
    Ritualist: The traditional staff-wielding master of The Art, including circle rituals. Wizard replacement.
    Magus of Blades: a gish that employs dancing swords, teleportation, and force magic.
    Shapeshifter: an arcane caster specializing in polymorphing.
    Dawnblade: a divinely based striker class focused on martial supremacy. It's like a duskblade and a paladin had a baby, and the baby kicks a whole lot of ass.
    Earth Dreamer: an elemental caster specializing in earth magic. Wizard derivative.
    Emberhaunt: an elemental caster specializing in fire magic. Wizard derivative.
    Storm Lord: an elemental caster specializing in air magic. Wizard derivative.
    Wavekeeper: an elemental caster specializing in water magic. Wizard derivative.
    Void Disciple: an elemental caster specialzing in void magic. Wizard derivative.
    Summoner: An arcane caster specializing in summoning. Summoners are accompanied by a powerful planar companion, and can use augments to take on aspects of the companion.

    New Prestige Classes: To support the new base classes I have published.

    Elemental Guardsman: a gish option for my arcane elemental casters (fourth post in the thread).
    Master of Elements: an archmage variant suited for my arcane elemental casters (third post in the thread).

    Feats: Oh so many feats! Includes both new feats created to provide support for my new base classes, and rebalanced versions of existing feats that are particularly germane to the new base classes.

    OMGWTFBBQ! So many fighter feats! (third through eighth posts in the thread)
    Feats for monks (second post in the thread)
    Feats for knight-paladins (second post in the thread)
    Feats for soulcrafters (third post in the thread)
    Feats for dawnblades (third post in the thread)
    Feats for elemental casters (second post in the thread)
    Feats for summoners (third post in the thread)
    Feats for swift hunters, or for any archery- or TWF-based build (strategically placed in the spoilers in the class description, and in the second post)
    Retooled Ambush feats and Luck feats (second post in the thread)
    Feats for charger builds
    Feats for sword-and-board builds
    Feats for two-weapon fighting builds
    14 Combat Form feats, including remixes of the 6 originals.
    Feats that enhance skill use.
    Katana Master: because katanas are underpowered in d20.
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    3.5 Homebrew: Remixes to rebalance nearly every base class, all in the authentic flavor of the originals.
    Tier 1 casters breaking your game? Remix your magic with Philosopher's Stone, or try these flavorful mid-tier classes instead: Machinist, Shapeshifter, Avatar, Magus of Blades, Ritualist, Magician, Dawnblade, Summoner, plus 5 elemental casters!