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Thread: Operation: Indiscriminate Friendship

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    Default Operation: Indiscriminate Friendship

    Hi, my name is Daniel. I'm a 21 year old student at the Australian National University. I write, I game, I am occasionally a jerk, but I love the world, love my life and love all the messed up folks. And I want to give something back.

    My plan is to hold a Delayed Derpy Day. For those unfamiliar, the principles of Derpy Day are:

    -Muffins. At least one must be consumed by days end, lest Pinkie's tail twitch for you.
    -The Muffin shaped cake is fine even if you are not Orthodox Derpy.
    -An article must be moved from one area of the house and placed in the wrong one for the entire Hoofiday.
    -Letters must be hoof written and delivered to those you love within delivery distance. E-mails have now been recognized for those too far for this observance.
    At least try to deliver one RL letter.
    The Letters are to be about why you love them or are thankful they are your friend. (Bonus writing a loving friendship letter to an enemy.)
    -Anytime a picture of you is taken or you see yourself in a mirror, you must give the traditional Derpy Occular salute. 9_6

    My plan has a number of pillars:

    THE PILLAR OF MUFFINS: I have $50 I'm willing to spend on muffins. I plan to call up some bakeries and work out a good deal for 50 or so mini-muffins. I also need to build a large sign that reads FREE MUFFINS. Any advice anyone has about building large signs would be appreciated.

    THE PILLAR OF MUSIC: Before giving a random their free muffin, I will require that they sing, read, shout, or dramatically dance along to this song. I will record, with video and audio, each attempt. They will only be given the following lyrics:

    She's an Evil Enchantress
    And She Does Evil Dances
    And If You Look Deep In Her Eyes,
    She Will Put You In Trances
    Then What Will She Do?
    She'll Mix Up An Evil Brew
    And She'll Gobble You Up
    In A Big Tasty Stew


    Watch Out.

    After acquiring as much raw footage as I can, I will need to find someone with decent audio-visual editing skills to hack it into something passable. The resulting video(s) will be put on YouTube.


    And finally, I plan to distribute random, uplifting and inspiring letters to strangers. These should be the kind of messages that make you feel warm and appreciated. I want to use quotes from famous people, from the television show Friendship Is Magic, and generalized positive messages. I also want to convey messages from random people on the internet.

    If you have any quotes that inspire you, anything you'd like to say to a stranger, anything that makes your day a bit brighter or would make someone else's day a bit brighter, please tell me. I intend to write around 100 of these things, by hand, and need a lot of ideas.

    So please, if you have anything you want to tell a stranger, anything you want to say to make the world a brighter place, any memorable quotes please post them here. I need as many as I can get.

    I plan to document as much of this project in this thread as I can.


    - Thanqol



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    If a man ascended into heaven and gazed upon the whole workings of the universe and the beauty of the stars, the marvelous sight would give him no joy if he had to keep it to himself. And yet, if only there had been someone to describe the spectacle to, it would have filled him with delight. Nature abhors solitude.
    - Cicero