You might have difficulty trying to send that much video data over the internet. Being that you are a student at a university (much like myself), I would think that the following two conclusions are reasonably likely to be true:
  1. Your computer came pre-loaded with basic video editing software. For Windows, it is Windows Movie Maker; for Mac, it is iMovie. WMM has a bit more flexibility to it but is a bit tricky to figure out at first; iMovie is less versatile but is fairly straightforward and easy to pick up. Just keep in mind how we tech-savvy folk tend to figure out how most software works.
  2. You have a friend or acquaintance locally who already knows a thing or two about video editing (and maybe even have more advanced software!) and wouldn't mind helping you out, or at the very least may be better able to execute the above-linked protocol for computer assistance. You can make a night of it, it can be pretty fun to figure these things out together. It's a great excuse to consume soda, sweets and junkfood. Who knows, if they aren't already a FiM fan, then you could introduce them to it and further spread the brony affliction!