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Thread: Operation: Indiscriminate Friendship

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thanqol View Post
    Thanks! I have no idea how any of this tech works. Once I get the footage I'll send it on over
    waffle911 makes a good point, sending that much video over the internet could be a problem. However, if you divide up the video footage into increments and upload it to YouTube, you can private it so only users with the link can access the video. If I have the link I should be able to get the footage, I have a couple internet tricks up my sleeve.
    There are also some sites that you can upload files to, but I'm not sure what's reliable.
    Another thing is, I think you can send files over Skype. I don't know if there's a size limit, or if videos are even possible though.

    You can contact over Skype using NinjaFanpire, or I only use the hotmail for messenger, so I don't check my E-Mail there. I am usually not logged into Skype unless I have a scheduled chat time though.
    You can send files through E-Mail as well, but there is a size limit, so you would probably still have to break up the footage if it's just one long video.

    What might work for E-Mail is if you create a zip file, I'm not entirely sure how those work though.
    EDIT: is a safe site for uploading files.
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