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Thread: Operation: Indiscriminate Friendship

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    tongue Re: Operation: Indiscriminate Friendship

    Quote Originally Posted by NinjaPony View Post
    My idea's more fun, if time-consuming >_>

    But it does also make collaboration and creative control easier when working in person.

    Thanqol, one thing I just thought that you should be aware of is the wishes of the people who would be filmed; I think it would be important to have their consent to have footage of them posted publicly. Perhaps you could have them include their verbal consent preceding their actual recitation of the song, and then cut it out of the final video but keep the originals with their consent to avoid any potential legal trouble in the future. Plus then you won't have to actually keep track of their names and such, and they can remain comfortably anonymous to everyone (except for their faces, of course).

    Edit: Idea! Not sure if this was your initial intention, but there are 47 words in the song; with roughly 50 muffins for randoms, you could have the video have a different person for each word and have some leeway for people who don't want to be filmed or something. Then you could also pick whoever is most on-key for each word and have the song stay roughly true to its melody. And you can also have Eurobeat Brony's Super Ponybeat tracks all looping on the boombox (it's surprisingly hard to get sick of them) and then everybody can dance! But, um, whatever you want to do is fine…after all, it is your celebration…[/fluttershy]
    Oh, and it's "Then she'll gobble you up…" I just double checked the song.
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