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    I'm so proud of this game, honestly. Fast, interesting, and...second thread. What's not to like?

    Previous Thread OOC Thread



    Aldaran, God of the Sun, the main deity, Patron of Paladins. Holy Symbol: A sun. Domains: Sun, Strength, War. Favored Weapon: Warhammer

    The Wanderer, patron god of travelers and tricksters everywhere, halflings especially. Symbol: A hood, with a face barely visible inside. Domains: Luck, Travel, Trickery. Favored weapon: Quarterstaff

    Andarra, Goddess of Death. Symbol: A rotting hand. Domains: Death, Destruction, Protection. Favored weapon: Glaive.

    Esari, Wife of Alderan. Goddess of the home. Symbol: Two hands with palms together. Domains: Healing, Protection. Favored Weapon: Dagger

    Elves tend to worship Obad-hai (the dude in the player's handbook) or the Moon Lady (Domains: Magic, Protection, Knowledge, Healing), represented by the largest moon (There are 3, but one is tiny and the other is blue and comes around about once every 7 years), considering celestials to be her children. A good portion of them are atheists.

    The Big 16:

    1. What game system are you running (D&D, Call of Cthulu, Palladium, GURPS, etc.), and if applicable what edition (Original, Classic, Revised, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 10th, etc.)? D&D 3.5

    2. What 'type' or variant of game will it be (i.e. "Shadow Chasers" or "Agents of Psi" for d20 Modern)? What is the setting for the game (eg. historic period, published or homebrewed campaign setting, alternate reality, modern world, etc.)? Homebrewed setting.

    3. How many Players are you looking for? Will you be taking alternates, and if so, how many? 4-6 players, no alternates on account of the fact this is my first time DMing a PbP and I'd like to keep it simple.

    4. What's the gaming medium (OOTS, chat, e-mail etc.)? This Forum.

    5. What is the characters' starting status (i.e. experience level)?
    ECL 3. Note that non-human characters are distrusted at best and hunted and killed at worst.

    6. How much gold or other starting funds will the characters begin with? 1000 gp, nothing magical.

    7. Are there any particular character classes, professions, orders, etc. that you want... or do not want? What are your rules on 'prestige' and/or homebrewed classes? No clerics. No wizards. No beguilers. No psionics. No wu jen. Someone better have Heal as a class skill. I'm not about to go easy on you. Your character MUST have a legitimate way to have gained his/her class(es). Show me the homebrew if you want it allowed.

    8. What races, subraces, species, etc. are allowed for your game? Will you allow homebrewed races or species? 'Prestige' races or species? As above: just show me the homebrew.

    9. By what method should Players generate their attributes/ability scores and Hit Points? Roll for hit points. You are a ragtag bunch of misfits who really aren't supposed to be here and this is represented by the way I am determining your stats. 25 point buy or roll 4d6b3 in order for your stats, switch any two to represent training. If you want to roll, make 2 arrays and choose one.

    10. Does your game use alignment? What are your restrictions, if so?
    There is alignment for roleplaying and restrictions (paladins must be LG), but no alignment-specific spells. See point 13.

    11. Do you allow multi-classing, or have any particular rules in regards to it? No penalties for multiclassing. Not everyone can be a sorcerer. You must start with at least 1 level of sorcerer, be a race with spell-like abilities, or be a race with sorcerer as its favored class to take levels in sorcerer over the course of the campaign.

    12. Will you be doing all of the die rolling during the course of the game? Will die rolls be altered, or left to the honor system? If players can make die rolls, which ones do they make, how should they make the rolls, and how should they report them? Forum Dice Roller please. Make all the rolls you want.

    13. Are there any homebrewed or optional/variant rules that your Players should know about? If so, list and explain them, or provide relevant links to learn about these new rules.
    Detect alignment, undetectable alignment, protection from alignment, Alignment-specific domains, anything else that does something like that, out. Any spells that deals bonus damage/effects against a creature of a certain alignment now either deals that extra damage to arcane spellcasters, divine spellcasters, or non-spellcasters (Something that affected evil now affects arcane, something that affected chaos now affects divine, something that affected law now affects the non-spellcasters, something that affects good has no equivalent.) Elf Favored Class is Sorcerer instead of Wizard.


    Monk: Full BAB
    A partial Flurry (as flurry, but no extra attacks from high BAB) can be made as a standard attack starting at 2nd level.
    3rd Level Monk Extraordinary ability: Add Wisdom to all melee combat rolls (grapple, trip, bull rush, whatever)
    5th Level: Uncanny Dodge
    6th Level: Ki Strike as a +1 Weapon
    10th Level: Ki Strike (ghost touch, replaces Ki strike (lawful)), Improved Uncanny Dodge
    12th Level: Ki Strike as a +2 Weapon that deals slashing damage as well,
    Abundant Step usable a number of times/day equal to Wisdom modifier.
    16th Level: Ki Strike (adamantine)
    20th Level: Ki Strike as a +3 Weapon that deals piercing damage as well.

    Paladin(Witch-hunter): Smite Arcane (Replaces Smite Evil) granted at a different progression (1st, 4th, 7th, 10th, 13th, 16th, 20th) as opposed to whatever it does right now.
    Gain Knowledge (Arcana) and Spellcraft as class skills.
    Replace Detect Evil with Detect Magic
    Remove Disease X/Week is replaced by Greater Dispel Magic (Targeted only) as a Spell-Like Melee Touch Attack usable X times/day. Caster Level = Paladin Level
    Remove Aura of Courage
    8th Level Paladin Ability: The paladin gains spell resistance=Paladin level+Charisma score.

    14. Is a character background required? If so, how big? Are you looking for anything in particular (i.e. the backgrounds all ending up with the characters in the same city)? Yes. I need to know how you obtained your class and what the heck are you doing in the sewers of the capital of a human country anyways? In addition, those who write good backstories get 100 roleplaying XP. Those who have a special item from their backstory get a +1 bonus on Will saves when it is in their possession and a -2 morale penalty when it is lost or destroyed. Really good backstories will have a small story arc devoted to them. (Yes, I am shamelessly bribing you here.)

    15. Does your game involve a lot of hack & slash, puzzle solving, roleplaying, or a combination of the above? Lots of roleplaying (roleplaying XP is available), quite a lot of hack and slash, definitely at least a little puzzle solving.

    16. Are your Players restricted to particular rulebooks and supplements, or will you be allowing access to non-standard material? What sources can Players use for their characters? SRD, Completes (Arcane/Divine/Warrior/Adventurer/Scoundrel/Mage), PHB 2, the web with my approval (classes like the marshal, anything from an excerpt of the rulebooks)

    Antal Nirum
    Llaars Hayden
    Rowan [ON HIATUS]


    "Crap. Er...should we go check it out, then?"
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