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Thread: Pyrokineticist (3.5 Psionic PrC redux)

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    Default Pyrokineticist (3.5 Psionic PrC redux)

    ĒSome people say I like fire too much. I like to reply by setting them on fire. I win most of my arguments.Ē

    Background: Some people see beauty in flames. These people arenít too far from the norm, and can live normal lives-or even become adventurers. But some more than like flames. Some all but worship fire. And those with the strength of mind to enforce their will on reality-psionics-have the power to summon fire with but a thought.
    Races: Any race can become a Pyrokineticist, although it is most common among humans, or races with naturally psionic tendencies. Races such as Mephits, or other races with a strong elemental affinity are also common.
    Other Classes: Most ordered classes consider Pyrokineticists to be insane fire addicts. To be fair, this is quite accurate. Nonetheless, some magic users and other psionicists can respect their raw power with their chosen element.
    Role: A Pyrokineticist can be a limited gish, but is primarily a blaster. They are capable of causing impressive damage with fiery powers, or even invoking deadly and potentially fatal onslaughts beginning at eighth level.
    Pyrokineticists in the World: Pyrokineticists are generally viewed as more powerful arsonists. In short? Get them out of our town now..
    Inspiration: Psionic PrC with no manifesting? Lolwhut?

    BAB: +3
    Manifesting: Must be able to manifest at least one power capable of dealing fire damage, as well as Manifester level 5.
    Special: Must have set fire to a structure just to see it burn.

    HD: d6
    Class Skills: The Pyrokineticistís class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Autohypnosis (Wis), Balance (Dex), Bluff (Cha), Climb (Str), Concentration (Con), Craft (Int), Escape Artist (Dex), Intimidate (Cha), Jump (Str), Knowledge (psionics) (Int), Listen (Wis), Profession (Wis), Psicraft (Int), Sense Motive (Wis), Spot (Wis), Swim (Str), and Tumble (Dex).

    Skill Points per Level: 4 + Intelligence modifier

    Level BaB Fort Ref Will Special Manifesting
    1 +0 +0 +2 +2 Firepower +1, Flame Lash -
    2 +1 +0 +3 +3 Fire Adaptation, Flamewielder +1 level of existing manifesting class
    3 +2 +1 +3 +3 Weapon Afire +1 level of existing manifesting class
    4 +3 +1 +4 +4 Bolt of Fire, Firepower +2 +1 level of existing manifesting class
    5 +3 +1 +4 +4 Nimbus +1 level of existing manifesting class
    6 +4 +2 +5 +5 Firewalk +1 level of existing manifesting class
    7 +5 +2 +5 +5 Fear No Fire, Firepower +3 -
    8 +6 +2 +6 +6 Heat Death +1 level of existing manifesting class
    9 +6 +3 +6 +6 Soulfire +1 level of existing manifesting class
    10 +7 +3 +7 +7 Conflagration, Firepower +4, Sunfire +1 level of existing manifesting class

    Weapon and Armour Proficiencies: A Pyrokineticist gains proficiency with the whip.

    Powers Known: At every level except first and seventh, a Pyrokineticist gains additional power points per day and access to new powers as if he had also gained a level in whatever manifesting class he belonged to before he added the prestige class. He does not, however, gain any other benefit a character of that class would have gained (bonus feats, metapsionic or item creation feats, and so on). This essentially means that he adds these levels of Pyrokineticist to the level of whatever manifesting class the character has, then determines power points per day, powers known, and manifester level accordingly.
    If a character had more than one manifesting class before he became a Pyrokineticist, he must decide to which class he adds the new level of Pyrokineticist for the purpose of determining power points per day, powers known, and manifester level.

    Firepower: A Pyrokineticist sacrifices versatility for raw power. Whenever they manifest or cast a power or spell with the Fire descriptor, or use any ability that deals fire damage they treat their manifester/caster/character/relevant class level as a number higher equal to the number in brackets. This is one at first level, and increases by one at each third level thereafter.

    Flame Lash (Su): A Pyrokineticist often favours a great whip of searing flame. It is treated as a whip in most respects, but has a reach of 15 feet, deals 1d8 fire damage (Plus the higher of the userís Strength or manifesting ability modifier). Creating a whip is a move action, and it lasts until the user stops holding it. They may create as many whips as they can hold, but each requires an action.
    This lash is treated as both a natural and a manufactured weapon for spells such as magic Fang or magic weapon. It does not provoke attacks of opportunity for use, and does threaten it's area.

    A Pyrokineticist is capable of creating a Lash Focus. (See below)

    Fire Adaptation: A Pyrokineticist of 2nd level or higher is resistant to their favoured weapon. They gain fire resistance equal to twice their class level, and a +4 bonus on all saving throws and ability checks related to extreme heat or fire.

    Flamewielder: No-one can strike as well or as hard with fire as a Pyrokineticist. Starting at 2nd level, they gain a bonus on attack rolls made with any weapon or ability that deals fire damage equal to half their class level. In addition, they deal bonus damage equal to their manifester level. (Counting the bonus from Firepower.)

    Weapon Afire (Ps): A 3rd level Pyrokineticist can channel massive amounts of flame into their weapons. As a swift or move action, they cover their hand or weapon in a roaring inferno of flame. This makes it do additional damage equal to 1d3 per two class levels. This ability lasts until they will it to go away, or end a round while not holding the weapon.

    This ability may be used on up to 50 pieces of ammunition at once, and is compatible with their Flame Lash. It is considered a power of level equal to half their character level. (Maximum 9 until 21st character level) It may be used while unarmed, in which case they are not treated as unarmed when using that limb. This ability may be used more than once to affect multiple weapons, but each use takes a separate action.

    Bolt of Flame (Ps): A Pyrokineticist of at least 4th level can throw flame all day. Once per round, they may manifest Energy Ray as a manifester of half their class level without expending power points. (Before any boosts from Wild Surge, Firepower...)
    When using this ability, they must deal fire damage. The power may be augmented and is compatible with metapsionic feats, but these must be paid for as normal, and cannot be enhanced so that their total power point cost would be higher than the user's manifester level.

    Nimbus (Ps): A Pyrokineticist of 5th level or higher can surround themselves in an aura of tremendous heat. She can make a melee touch attack to deal 2d6 fire damage, and anyone who strikes her with any melee attack suffers 2d6 damage. In addition, she gains DR 2/- for each class level she has. This is treated as a power of half the userís character level. (Maximum 9 until 21st level) This ability lasts until dismissed, and can be used once per day per two class levels.

    Firewalk (Ps): A 6th level Pyrokineticist can walk on air, or float along on a cushion of flame. By spending 1pp per round, a Pyrokineticist can move in strange ways. Treat them as having a fly speed equal to their base land speed, with perfect maneuverability. This is treated as a power of half the userís character level. (Maximum 9 until 21st level)

    Fear No Fire: A 7th level Pyrokineticist is immune to fire. In addition, they automatically pass all saving throws caused by heat or flame coming from a nonmagical source. In addition, they gain a +8 bonus on saves even against magical effects of this type.

    Heat Death (Ps): An 8th level Pyrokineticist can raise a foeís internal temperature massively, boiling their blood and melting their flesh. They must pass a fortitude save or die instantly. If they fail, the suffer 1d8 fire damage for each two levels the user has of Pyrokineticist. This ability is treated as a power of half the characterís level. (With maximum level 9 until 21st character level.) This ability can target any being within 60ft, and may be used once a day per three class levels.

    Soulfire: A Pyrokineticist of 9th level can do massive damage, at cost of their own power. By accepting four points of ability burn to their primary manifesting stat, they may double the damage caused by any one attack they cause, as long as it deals fire damage.

    Conflagration (Ps): A 10th level Pyrokineticist may cause a terrible explosion of flame to erupt with but a glance. Once per day, by expending 15 power points, he may cause an explosion within 60ft. This explosion has a radius of up to 5ft per class level, (And must be circular), and deals 1d10 fire damage to each creature within the radius for each character level the user possesses. A successful reflex save halves this damage. In addition, they must pass a fortitude save or die instantly, as their blood boils and their body turns to mist.

    Sunfire: The flames of a 10th level Pyrokineticist are all but irresistible. Tinged with the unbearable holy power of the sun, or the corrupted essence of death, no defence can stop them. They ignore fire resistance, and deal half damage even to creatures with fire immunity.

    * * *

    Lash Focus
    A Lash Focus is a small item, often a handle or a devotional amulet, that is often formed by Pyrokineticists. They cost 10gp to make. The creator does not need any item creation feats; nor any ranks in the craft skill. This is an instinctual expression of themself. It cannot be used by anyone other than the creator. The focus can be enchanted or improved as if it were a weapon, and grants all these benefits to the user's Flame Lash.

    * * *

    Any comments here? Too strong? Too weak?
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