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Thread: Pyrokineticist (3.5 Psionic PrC redux)

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    I too love the idea of the pyrokineticist and feel it was done a grave injustice in the publicized version.

    A few questions though.

    Duration/activation on nimbus?

    Firepower - does this simply increase the limit of how many PP a character can use on fire spells? or does this do that AND supply that extra PP as well?

    Bolt of Flame - standard action? can you pump extra PP into it to make it stronger?

    Heat Death - what is the save DC? what is the range? is there a limit to how many times per day he may do this? what type of action does this require?

    Soul Fire - which stat gets ability burn? or is it your choice? I'd either designate it or give it a limited selection... I don't see a pyrokinetisist utilizing all six ability scores all that much, otherwise they'll just drop strength with little to no repercussion

    Conflagration - do they have to do the fort save if they pass the reflex? what kind of action does this take?

    Sun Fire - I like it, but... I'd like for him to be able to make some use of this earlier, not all of it. but some. like: The pyrokinetisist may ignore 2 points of fire resistance/pyrokinetisist level, at lvl 10 he ignores it completely.

    wording error on the requirements: did you mean 'power' instead of spell?

    Overall, I really like it, it just needs a bit of clarification on some things
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