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Thread: Can Someone Explain C&C and OSRIC to Me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by F. Gilmakin View Post
    You wouldn't happen to have a pdf of the maps from that would you? I bought my copy of B2 used for dirt cheap and the previous owner ripped all the maps out.
    Arrrgh. Unfortunately, no. I went diving into our now-closed FLGS and bought my TD&D adventures over the course of a number of years.

    EDIT: One of my players observed that you don't so much "build" a character in C&C as "select" one. Pick a race, pick a class, pick your primes. The differences based solely on stats are pretty small (an 18 or 19 only confers a 15% bonus over a 9-12), and may be overshadowed by bonuses from race. This simplicity makes it a bit difficult for some people to get... they're used to a lot more mechanical fiddling in their character creation. However, it makes it very easy to pick up a character and go, and, IMO, allows more energy to be given to their non-mechanical development.
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