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    Feedback! I love feedback.
    Quote Originally Posted by Darth Stabber View Post
    Love it, your my new best friend, call me every 10 minutes. Suggestions follow.

    Casting stat should probably be dependant on color involved. White and green should cast on wis, red is cha, blue is int, and black could go cha or int. It fits flavorfully, and could add an interesting angle to the class.

    Boon save dcs are useful at the level you get them, but quickly become crap. Something like 10+relevant ability mod+1/2 lvl is pretty standard for most class abilities that give saves. Maybe reduce to 1/3lvl if you want them weaker.

    While not so often in recent years, red has also had cold type stuff in it's color pie. Other non-burn for the red caster: Haste(representing haste of course, and first/double strike), Daze effects (target creature can't block this turn), damage increasing buffs (target creature gets +x/+0), and maybe some luck related stuff (since redc has most of the coin flipping).
    Thank you very much . It seems to me that the desire for more casting stat freedom is pretty high; I'll be going back to the "choose Charisma, Int, or Wis; this choice is permanent at 1st level" from my original pass. Also I'll consider modding the save DCs on the boons and SLAs .

    Quote Originally Posted by DMBlackhart View Post
    Correct me if I am wrong, but all the spells on the list are (obviously) copied from existing spells. (at least to my knowledge). I also notice the lack of 0-level spells. Not a huge issue, but it did bring an idea to mind. You can take it or leave it as you see fit of course. But if you incorporated 0-level spells from all sources (and possibly all classes? I dunno on that one) as an at-will thing, I don't see it being too broken (if I am wrong, correct me). This could at least give the planeswalker more of their "Constantly spellslinging" feel.
    You are very much correct. I'm lazy like that . I like my current, Duskblade-esque cantrips (3+casting stat mod/day), but I'll consider expanding the list, potentially just to "All 0 level spells in all source books forever" rather than just Detect Magic, Cure Minor Wounds, Read Magic, and Mage Hand.

    Quote Originally Posted by Southern Cross View Post
    Here's an idea for a Novice Boon:
    Mastery of a Color: You gain an extra spell known of your first color. For every Boon you have of the same color,you gain an extra known spell of the next higher level; i.e. an extra 2nd-level spell known at 4th level,an extra 3rd-level spell known at 7th-level etc.

    I love this and I already know what I'll call the line (Enduring Ideal, Eternal Dominion, Neverending Torment, Eternal Swarm, and Undying Flame). Should I just throw it in, or should I replace the skills one since it's largely uninteresting?
    Two personal things:

    1: Black spells are up!

    2: I'm considering a second legend boon, some sort of "Legend Spell" that grants an 8th or 9th level spell appropriate to that color as an SLA 1/day (Mass Heal/Gate, Time Stop/Disjunction, Gate/Sphere of Destruction, Meteor Swarm/Shapechange, Shapechange/Storm of Vengeance/Summon Elemental Monolith). Thoughts on this?
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