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    He nods. "I'm afraid it's the best we can do. And he is smart, even if he is an irresponsible twit. He'll figure it out. " He notices the difficulties the little creature is having with the rope, then. "Wait, let me help you." he says, kneeling in front of it to assist it in tying the rope. Even if they decide not to follow it, he supposes they should lower it where it can easily get home.

    He is very careful to move only if Yilminri seems confortable with it: if at any time it resists being helped or shows signs of being scared, he stops immediately. "Llaars has a point, but I really see no alternatives" he says, shaking his head. However, he doesn't want to force anyone to do something they don't want to. "But if any of you has other suggestions, I'll be glad to hear them."

    ((Taking 20 in a use rope check...or aid another, as appropriate.))
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