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    Zee's TerrorHorror extended family!
    Below is a brief description of various horrible things that inhabit the Far Realms. And some of which slumber in the material planes waiting to awaken When The Stars Are Right. This list is by no means exhaustive.

    The Primordials
    These are the big ones. Beings of such vastness and incomprehensible power that even the things mortals call gods pale in contrast. It is these that spawned all else in the Far Realms.

    Azathoth, Chatturgath, The Daemon Sultan, Lord of Chaos, Father of Substance: Matter/Energy/Chaos. Azathoth is incomprehensibly powerful. Ever when Primordials are concerned. It is mindless, unaware of both itself and its surroundings. And yet capable of accomplishing anything that is possible. Due to its nature it simply takes random actions, usually as inconsequential as causing a pair of sub-atomic particles to begin or cease existing. It is impossible to request power from Chatturgath as it can not sense such requests, but it is possible to draw on the being's near limitless might. When its substance decays in the presence of Reality it converts into high-energy gamma radiation.

    Chatturgath's Aspects appear as horrible ten-limbed crustacean-like beings with at least one pair of claws. They have no sensory organs save for a pair of tripartite feathery antenna where one might expect to find eyes. They are highly durable and unnaturally strong, though quite dull. They aren't summoned so much as conjured. When they're created they are given a simple set of instructions which they will carry out until destroyed. The air around them is super-heated due to the radiation they give off and they can project streams of high-energy gamma radiation potent enough to ionize the air.

    Mantorok, Nyarlathotep, The Corpse God, The Faceless God, The Black Mist: Death/Entropy/Stagnation. Of all the Primordials Mantorok is perhaps the most malign. It is not uncommon for him to drive followers and the mortal population at large to vast acts of senseless slaughter. In many realities it is the dark power of Mantorok that whispers the cadavers of the dead into a shambling mockery of life. When his substance decays in the presence of Reality it flakes away as mummified flesh.

    Aspects of Mantorok are repulsive withered beings with strength that far surpasses what one might expect from their appearance. They always have five limbs, one of which may be a tentacle that replaces the head. Aspects of Mantorok never have a face, but instead sport a yawning endless abyss where one might expect to find one. Facial features are found anywhere on the body other than the head. Aspects of Mantorok can hurl bolts of necrotic energy that cause objects to decay at an astounding rate. If used on a living thing flesh will peel away like the papery outer layers of an onion.

    Ulathael, Ulyaoth, Sire of Dimension, Lord of Space and Time, Lurker in the Void: Space/Time/Motion. Ulathael is vast. Vast beyond comprehension. Near boundless in extent. It has little contact with mortals, save for those few who seek to learn the dreadful magic of spatial arrays. It finds itself above the concerns of such beings, though it will freely lend its power to any who devote the time needed to call upon it. One is more likely to find themselves facing a devotee of Ulathael following their own devices rather than the Primordial's mechiations. When its substance decays in the presence of Reality it collapses into singularity.

    Aspects of Ulathael look like a horrible amalgam of cephalopod, cnidarian, and echinoderm characteristics. They always display radial symmetry in multiples of various Fibonacci numbers (3,5,8,13,21, ect). They have no obvious sensory organs, but such things are irrelevant when one is omniscient. They are able to warp space and time around themselves in a dizzying fashion, making direct combat difficult if not impossible.

    Ragnnora, Shub-Negrath, The Mother of Monsters, The Black Goat with a Thousand Young, The All-Mother: Life/Fertility/Growth. Ragnnora is generally considered to be the most friendly of the Primordials toward mortals. Though that is a dreadful misunderstanding of her aims. Ragnnora seeks to twist all living things into her own aberrant offspring, often employing cultists to sow her seed in the material worlds. Ragnnora will often aid her worshipers by increasing the fertility of both they and their crops. Though what is born is not always natural. When her substance decays in the presence of Reality it melts into inert soupy bio-mass.

    Aspects of the Mother of Monsters are as horrible as they are diverse. Though some characteristics remain consistent. They always have nine limbs which range between arms and legs and tails and wings and tentacles. Their feet always sport cloven hooves and they always bare three mouths. Their hide is gnarled and swirls as the bark of an ancient tree. Ragnnora's spawn are able to spew a living energy that can either devour a target or cause it to mutate catastrophically.

    Xn-Kxrlth, Ght'lrbk, The Unspeakable One, The Lady of Secrets, The Magnum Innominandum: Mind/Quality/Information. Endless knowledge. Or bottomless insanity. Sometimes both. That is what awaits those who delve into the writings of the mad prophet Malzahar on the Unspeakable One. Xn-Kxrlth sows knowledge of herself among mortal followers, allowing them to make great leaps forward in progress. Though without any grounding in sanity to endure. Eventually they will destroy themselves and a new civilization will stumble upon the ruins. And so it begins anew, knowledge and secrets alike. When her substance decays in the presence of Reality it sublimes into a chorus of half-heard maddening whispers.

    The Unspeakable One's offspring cause rampant madness in any who gaze upon them, filling the air with insane tittering and filling minds to the bursting with forbidden knowledge. Her aspects always have six limbs, either wings or arms. Even if used as feet the limbs are arms none the less, supporting weight upon splayed fingers. All aspects are headless with double-pupiled eyes spread over the rest of their body, though most commonly in the palms or chest. Their repulsive skin appears almost human, though in the form of an angular patchwork of tones separated by stark white.

    Iog-Sotot, Yog-Sothoth, The Unbending Will, The Beyond One, The Treader of the Threshold: Will/Perception/Magic. He is the gate. He is the key. He is the all-in-one. Iog-Sotot has power surpassed only by Azathoth and wisdom by Xyn-Kxrlth, but unlike his fellow Primordials he has the will to apply both. The Beyond One seeks mortal vessels to pour his arcane power into for reasons all his own and to meet goals both unknown and unknowable. Often the recipients aren't even aware of their horrible benefactor. When his substance decays in the presence of Reality it ignites in a riot of arcane power.

    Aspects of Iog-Sotot are vile serpentine beings with rubbery, mucus slicked hide. This skin sports dazzling fractal patters of impossible colors that crawl and warp and shift as they're observed. Limbs are either tentacles in clusters of three or feet like those of a predatory dinosaur. The monster's mouth is always ringed by a trio of tentacles bristling with barbed hooks. Spheres of raw arcane energy constantly phase in and out of existence around the horror, ready to be employed at a moment's notice to devastating effect.

    The Old Ones
    These are the offspring of the Primordials, creatures of incredible power though dwarfed by the 'gods' of the Far Realms. Many Old Ones slumber, sealed away in tombs on the material plane until they awake when the stars are right. And at the same time they are awake and active in the Far.

    Servants of the Old Ones are quite varied. Most feared are the Star Spawn, fractal fragments of their progenitor that carry a small fraction of the power and knowledge of the whole. Polyps are motes of an Old One's power that attach themselves to a person or object to push it in the direction of the Old One's will whether knowingly or not. Cultists are mortals dedicated to the furtherance of an Old One's machinations. They are often times absolutely infested with Polyps. Zombies are people or objects that have been completely smothered by Polyps and are now consumed by an Old One's will. Though generally mindless they aren't always dead (or undead) but zombies are always dangerous. Scions are hybrids of an Old One and a mortal creature, whether created through some form of breeding or through the metamorphosis of a zombie into a higher state. A person that has been metamorphosed into a Scion, willingly or not, retains much of their original memory and personality, though they gain an overwhelming desire to do the work of their parental Old One.

    Abhoth, the Sire of Uncleanness
    Parents: Xn-Kxrlth and Ragnnora
    Aspects: Life and Quality
    Abhoth is the endless diversity of living forms. This being appears as little more than a vast pool of grey slime, constantly birthing innumerable alien creatures. Some skitter away to new life, others are seized and reabsorbed into the mass. Abhoth's touch can reduce any living thing to soupy bio-mass to be consumed into its heaving bulk.

    Basatan, the Lord of Crabs
    Parents: Mantorok and Chatturgath
    Aspects: Entropy and Matter
    Basatan is decay, rot, and dissolution. The horrible creature appears as a massive beast that looks like a cross between an ant, an lobster, and a crab. It sports four massive claws and a writhing nest of tentacles at its mouth. Basatan is able to cause foes to rot at an astounding rate, rot and decay that festers forth swarms of crabs.

    Cthulhu, the Dreaming Priest
    Parents: Iog-Sotot and Ulathael
    Aspects: Will and Motion
    Cthulhu is the application of motion. It is said that without the dreams of slumbering Cthulhu humanity would have never begun to create tools to move the world around them and impose their will upon it. Cthulhu is a half-dragon half-octopus half-humanoid monstrosity shod in a bony carapace like that of an echinoderm. The Dreaming Priest's abilities focus on warping motion and spatial relations as well as crushing and subverting the will of his foes.

    Dagon, the Dweller in the Depths
    Parents: Xn-Kxrlth and Chatturgath
    Aspects: Matter and Quality
    Dagon is the interaction of form and material, lightest touch and crushing pressure. This vile father of the Deep Ones appears as a vaguely amorphous congealing of deep sea fish, human, and crustacean. Its form flows and creeps with features squeezing through it as though under great pressure. Its power can cause things to become flowing and plastic or simply grind them into powder.

    Ghatanothoa, the Withered One
    Parents: Mantorok and Ulathael
    Aspects: Time and Stagnation
    Ghatanotha is the time between moments. This creature appears to be a vast writhing tangle of tendrils ending in mouths filled with jagged teeth. It smells strongly of embalming fluid and its flesh has a leathery texture. Its power freezes matter into a form of stasis, causing living things to take on a mummified appearance. The mind, however, remains conscious despite the frozen state.

    Gul'ther, the Father of Ghouls
    Parents: Mantorok and Ragnnora
    Aspects: Life and Death
    Gul'ther is the cycle of death and regrowth. From death comes new life. This being appears as a massive, near amorphous mound of living, unliving, and dead flesh that constantly cycles from one state to the next. The Father of Ghouls warps life into death, death into undeath, and undeath into life once again.

    Hastur, the King in Yellow
    Parents: Iog-Sotot and Chatturgath
    Aspects: Magic and Chaos
    Hastur is the embodiment of arcane words of unspeakable power. Often Hastur appears as a robed sorcerer draped in yellow robes and wearing a pallid mask to hide his face. In his true form he is a repulsive tentacled lizard-like creature of inconceivable size covered in innumerable sea anemone-like growths. Hastur's arcane power is chaotic and utterly unpredictable.

    Ii'lor, the Roots of Destiny
    Parents: Ragnnora and Ulathael
    Aspects: Growth and Time
    Ii'lor is the branching path of possibility. Ii'lor is an incomprehensible tangle of vines and fungal filaments and vast spore-filled fruiting bodies. Its twining tendrils grow through both matter and time. Its power is subtle in its touch, warping the passage of time and the shaping of destiny.

    Isperah, the Mind Killer
    Parents: Mantorok and Xn-Kxrlth
    Aspects: Death and Mind
    Isperah is the primal pangs of fear. It appears humanoid in from, though with four arms. Two cover the face with their hands with the arms pressed together. Black bile trickles between the fingers and the arms can split open to reveal a horrible bottomless maw. Isperah can hex creatures around it with maddening terror.

    Jer'thoranth, the Holder of Dead Knowledge
    Parents: Xn-Kxrlth and Mantorok
    Aspects: Information and Death
    Jer'thoranth is knowledge forgotten. Not just on an individual level, but on a much wider scale. Jer'thoranth appears as a massive fleshy jellyfish like creature with thick tentacles ending in cruel claws. Clouds of eyes form and unform around the monster's body. The Old One's power can completely annihilate knowledge from existence.

    K'rax-Naggath, the Turquoise Lady
    Parents: Ragnnora and Xn-Kxrlth
    Aspects: Fertility and Information
    K'rax-Naggath is evolution. The most fecund shape the future of the gene-pool. The Far Chimera appears as a half-carnivore, half-herbivore, half-bird, half-reptile beast shod in obsidian carapace shot through with turquoise fissures. The precise animals that compose her form change from moment to moment. Her power can consume or evolve all it touches, organic or not.

    M'nagala, the Crawling Tumor
    Parents: Ragnnora and Chatturgath
    Aspects: Growth and Chaos
    M'nagala is growth without end or purpose. This horrible Old One is little more than a bloated mass of mucus-slicked tumors and half-formed organs. A mass that is ever growing and expanding. Its deadly power causes the same mindless growth, slaying foes as their bodies are overcome by malignant cancer.

    Mor-Kuk'thoth, the All-Soul
    Parents: Xn-Krlth and Iog-Sotot
    Aspects: Mind and Will
    Mor-Kuk'thoth is consciousness. It is the mind that remembers. That recalls. It is the will that directs. And from the two self, consciousness, arises. Mor-Kuk'thoth is a creature of thought. Its appearance is like a cross between toad and a baboon, hunched and crawling, covered in minute cillia. In place of a head it has only a fleshy neck packed with a writhing cluster of pinkish feelers. The power of Mor-Kuk'thoth can rend or remove the very self from the body.

    Nugyeb / Yebnug, the Twin Blasphemy
    Parents: Iog-Sotot and Ragnnora
    Aspects: Fertility and Magic
    Nugyeb is procreation. A strange symbiotic fusion of two beings, Nug the female and Yeb male. Nub is a huge bulbous creature supported atop three knobby legs, forever swollen with its spawn. Long tendrils ending in ghostly lanterns branch from its body. Yeb clings to the top of Nug like a crown, fangs sunk deep into her flesh. Three squid-like tentacles lined with talons and cillia sway about him. Its power can fill a creature to the bursting with aberrant offspring.

    Oorn, the Implacable One
    Parents: Mantorok and Iog-Sotot
    Aspects: Magic and Entropy
    Oorn is darkness absolute. Darkness given form. Oorn appears as a massive clam-like creature with jagged fangs lining the shell. Tendrils of pure blackness writhe from its body, drinking in all light. The power of Oorn saps all light, leaving only barren cold and cloying darkness.

    Psyrrak, the Burning Eye
    Parents: Chatturgath and Ulathael
    Aspects: Energy and Space
    Psyrrak is the star. Not just a star. All the stars. A thing ranging from brilliant solar plasma to black voids of crushing gravity. Psyrrak appears as a black spherical mass with a single three-pupiled eye in the center and ringed by a corona of plasma tendrils. Psyrrak is able to project powerful magnetic fields, incinerate her foes, or simple crush them out of existence.

    Yig, the Plumed Serpent
    Parents: Xn-Kxrlth and Iog-Sotot
    Aspects: Information and Magic
    Yig is wisdom, insight, and intuition. From prophecies to divination, knowledge of what was, is, and is to come are all Yig's domain. Yig appears as a tremendous winged serpent covered in eyes, often depicting devouring his own tail endlessly. Yig's power can draw knowledge from any point in time, though often in a fashion that will blast the sanity of any mortal foolish enough to indulge in his 'gift'.

    Zhoathoggua, the The Black Blight
    Parents: Xn-Kxrlth and Ulathael
    Aspects: Quality and Motion
    Zhoathoggua is change in form. From roiling clouds to delicate metamorphosis, all motions of shape are its domain. Descriptions of Zhoathoggua vary widely as no two visions of the Old One are the same save for the presence of amorphous black tar dripping from its body. The power of Zhoathoggua can warp the shape of creatures and objects alike.
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