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Just a question for Rich (or anyone else if someone else knows the answer)

For the comics which are published in black and white (i.e. the prequel books) were they DRAWN in black and white, or were they drawn in color but printed in black and white?

I understand the reasoning to print in B&W to save costs, but was wondering if they're drawn that way or drawn in color and then rendered into B&W.

Why do I ask? Well, one day when the strip is ended, you may consider publishing the books in PDF form (or some other online print form) and if they were drawn in color to start with then in that format they could come colorised, which would be a "bonus feature" people would then get which might encourage them to re-purchase even if they already bought the books.

Just wondering :-)

All comics are created in the state that you see them. If they are printed in black-and-white, then I drew them in black-and-white. It would be an enormous amount of work to colorize them or decolorize them, so I am unlikely to ever bother.