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    She is right, you know. You should listen to her, she has an head on her shoulders. Druid and all. Audric sighs quietly. “You’re right” he says, giving voice to his thoughts. Of course, he has to make Yilminri understand that.

    He turns towards him again. ”Ah… Yilminri? I do need the rope back. Boera. Please.” he says, pointing and gesturing to the little creature to untie the knot he made. “I have a friend down there that I have to bring back”. And tie up. And possibly gag, to avoid other disasters. “I’ll bring you home, I promise
    He has no idea how to explain all that with the four words he understood and some gestures, but Yilminri seems smart enough to probably have figured the situation alone, from the dynamics and the tone of their voices. He hopes, at least.
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