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    Quote Originally Posted by Lix Lorn View Post
    Ki Strike and Empty Strike say hi.
    Bwahahaha! Exactly! Thanks for the compliments and feedback on the class, Swiftmongoose. You'll find that ki strike includes enhancement bonuses to hit and damage, and that the Improved Ki Strike feat upgrades it further. Moreover, the revised feat support for the monk offers considerably more offensive potential than you're used to seeing in a monk, and the monk's accuracy is further improved because he does not need Power Attack to deal impressive melee damage.

    I promise that another update to the monk is still forthcoming, this one focusing on abilities for higher-level play. I'm just...working some mad stupid hours right now, hip-deep in Excel and PowerPoint, building business presentations for executives who don't understand numbers as well as they think they do. BUT, new monk stuff is in the pipeline.

    Currently, my play group is playtesting a revised monk variant with 10 skill points per level and the decisive strike ACF (which combines very with with Spring Attack) in a group with a swordsage, daring outlaw, and a variant warlock. In the Tomb of Horrors. With the original Gygax traps. And me, a rabid optimizer DM who actually tapes a little skull to his monitor for each PC kill he gets.

    So far the monk has performed quite well, neither dragging his compatriots down nor overshadowing them.
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