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Perhaps no-one will be surprised, but I have power concerns on Necropotence and Dark Ritual. Dark Ritual doesn't seem insane, really, but I think it may be stronger than the other colors 'per-boon bonus' boons. Just keep an eye on it.

Necropotence gives you unlimited spells per day, by virtue of Cure Light Wounds costing 3HP to cast and restoring 1d8+5 HP per casting. So, you easily (boon and a 1st-level white spell) have infinite health, which this boon immediately converts to infinite spells. Or you could use a wand or something, point being the drawback is very easily overcome. Heck, even without healing, it only costs 18 HP to get a free 6th-level spell, and at level 13 (when you first get this) you will have 62 HP with average rolls and 10 Con, so 3 free max-level spells at least.

The flavor is spot-on however, trading your life force for magical power. So, there are two ideas i have for balancing this.
1) Increase the damage to 5, 8, or 10 HP/spell level. 5 isn't a big jump, and is still easily healed, but 8 isn't shrugged off so easily, and 10 makes it dangerous to use on high-level spells.
2) Have limited uses per day, perhaps 1/2 class level.

I'd suggest either increasing the HP cost to 5 plus some uses/day limit(a significant number of 'free' spells, but not infinite), or increasing the cost to 8-10 with no daily limit (high enough cost that healing yourself after use is non-trivial).
Thanks for the feedback! I think you are most likely correct on Necropotence (no big shock, eh? ). One thing I'm going to immediately do is make it so that it can only recover black spells: at least that way the "infinite battery" can't be fueled by the 'walker alone by using Necropotence to recover Cure Light Wounds or Lesser Vigor for less than the cost of the spell.

I think I'm also going to go with raising the damage to 10 for now. The 'walker is a d8 HD class that is also very SAD, so they should be able to take it. Sound good?

Midterms were a killer, but hopefully this class will be 100% finished in the next day or so. One thing I worry about is white's "ultra-spell": Gate as their 2nd Legend Boon. It seems way, way too strong...but giving them Summon Monster IX or Heavenly Host instead seems awfully weak. I'm okay with white being a bit stronger just because I think it's the weakest color (spell and boon-wise) otherwise, but is Gate too much? Any good alternatives you guys can suggest? And any good suggestions for green? Right now it's ultra spell is probably going to be Shambler, Shapechange, or Greater Whirlwind but I'm open to ideas .