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    Default Re: New OOTS Book: "Snips, Snails, and Dragon Tales"

    Just checking... okay, I have enough in Paypal for this and and my Help Japan bids. Sorry about all you guys overseas with the shipping, that really sucks.

    And speaking of which, I think it would be awesome if the Giant put up an autographed copy of this as an auction in the dreamwidth or livejournal help japan forums. It'd probably go for an insanely high amount.

    On a different note, does anyone else experience the sheer ecstasy of when a laminated book arrives in the mail on a cold day? If it's warm when it arrives I'm putting it in the fridge before I open it.

    Edit: Order Number: 9249? I just saw it was being sold! It must be impossible to try and be the first one to pre-order.
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