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    Default Half-Blood Bloodline

    I made this little bloodline series months ago, shortly after getting my copy of UA. It's a very morphic series, where you change the exact bonuses based upon the deific parent. This bloodline is made for characters who have at least one deific parent and is made to take the place of the Aasimar and Half-celestials which are far too generic in my opinion. Take note that this requires the usual levels to be sacrificed (12th for Minor; 12th and 6th for Intermediate; and 12th, 6th, and 3rd for Major.)

    Half-Blood Bloodline

    (Yeah, I know that sounds weird)

    Optional Rule: Children of Demigods may have only Minor Bloodlines. Children of Lesser Deities may have only minor or intermediate bloodlines. Children of Intermediate or Greater Deities may have any bloodline. Children of Half-Bloods may also have bloodlines, up to one lower than that of their parent. DMs may rule that children of Intermediate Deities may only have up to Intermediate bloodlines, if so desired. This will result in a "Big-3" type scenario, with the Greater Deities being the only ones capable of producing such powerful offspring. These rules can easily be tweaked the other way, such that any god can give birth to any strength bloodline. It's really a matter of DM preference. In Greek Mythology, having the strength of the god determine the strength of the bloodline makes sense. It may be different in your campaign. Similarly, the rules for passing on bloodlines may easily be changed up.

    1 Skill 1 +2
    2 Skill 1 +2 Domain, DP=2, 1st
    3 Ability 1 +1
    4 Skill 1 +2 Domain, DP=2, 1st Electricity Resistance 5
    5 Divine Affinity +2
    6 Ability 1 +1 DP=6, 2nd
    7 Skill 2 +2
    8 Domain, DP=2, 1st Electricity Resistance 5 Cold Resistance 5
    9 Ability 2 +1
    10 Divine Affinity +2 Domain, DP=10, 3rd
    11 Divine Affinity +4
    12 Ability 1 +1 DP=6, 2nd Acid Resistance 5
    13 Skill 3 +2
    14 Skill 2 +2 DP=14, 4th
    15 Ability 3 +1
    16 Electricity Resistance 5 Cold Resistance 5 Natural Armor +1
    17 Divine Affinity +6
    18 Ability 2 +1 Domain, DP=18, 5th
    19 Skill 4 +2
    20 Divine Affinity +2 Domain, DP=10, 3rd DR 5/Epic

    Skills 1-4 +2: +2 bonus to a skill corresponding to your parent deity (Hephaestus=Craft, Athena=Knowledge, Zeus=Intimidate, etc.). Choose a different skill each time, using common sense. If you're taking a Major Bloodline, you may start getting bonuses in some skills that may not be immediately recognized as being tied to your deity. That's okay. Try to pick ones that fit when possible though.

    Domain: Choose one of your god's domains. You gain the granted ability as a cleric of 1/4, 1/2, or 1X your level, depending on the bloodline strength and may cast a number of spells from this domain as a cleric of this level. You can cast a number of domain spells whose total level does not exceed your daily DP and which are of an appropriate level (As stated each time DP is increased). Saves are Charisma based. To cast one of these spells, you need a Cha of 10+Spell Level/2. 8 hours of rest regenerate DP. These spells are cast spontaneously. These spells do allow you to qualify for any prestige classes. You may choose a new domain each time "Domain" is listed in your bonuses for a given level. DP is shared among all domain spells. When you cast domain spells, your daily reserve goes down by a number equal to the level of the spell which you just cast. You may not cast a spell if you don't have enough DP remaining. And in case anyone is curious, DP=Divine Power.

    The Sun Domain gives you normal Cleric turning 1/day instead of a Greater Turning. All Turnings from Domain Abilities are as if you were a Cleric of either 1/4, 1/2, or 1X your character level, depending upon your bloodline strength. If you have a domain which adds a skill to your skill list that is already there, instead you gain a +2 bonus to that skill.

    Abilities 1-3 +1: Choose an ability that makes sense for your deity. (Artemis=Int, Aphrodite=Cha, Ares=Str, etc.). When in doubt, use their highest score from Deities and Demigods, if you have it and if said deity is featured there. Choose a different ability each time. DM gets final say, as always.

    Divine Affinity: You gain this number as a bonus to all interaction checks made with deities, Half-gods, or the like (Intimidate, Bluff, Sense Motive, Diplomacy, etc.). You'll likely be needing this... Added bonus: You gain this bonus on interaction checks with devout worshipers of your parent, but they get a similar bonus on Knowledge (Religion) checks to recognize you as the child of their patron.

    As far as bloodlines go, I think this a bit on the more powerful side. However, it does follow the usual pattern...

    Thoughts, feedback, etc.?
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