Wow, this is pretty awesome. I love the idea of a sort of demi-god character, like the child of a god. Sounds fantastic.

As for power level; The skill makes sense, the Divine Affinity is situational, like the normal affinities, the domains are so-so strong. You can't really use the spells enough for it to be useful (and on that note, do you spend DP to cast a spell, or is it just representational?), and the ability score increases make sense.

Overall, I would say it is a little bit more powerful, mostly because as far as I can tell, it allows you to cast ninth level spells at higher levels from the domains. Also, you have a spelling error in Domains, with Charisma in the save section being called "Che". Viva la revolutíon!

I am not sure that that is very balanced. If you made it so that the character cannot cast above a certain level of spells (certainly not 9th), then it might be more balanced.