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    Hm. So would dropping the max spell level fix the problem? I realize that this is more powerful/versatile than other bloodlines. Almost to the point where it could be worth using for a character. And it's kind of made for Half-Blood campaigns, where all the PCs have various bloodlines. As such, I'm fine with it being a bit above-average, as long as it isn't ridiculous. I haven't looked at this in months. Maybe a year. I've learned a deal in that time. If I were to have made this now, I'd likely not have had the 9th level spell access, or at least had some mitigating factor to it.
    Probably. I think the spells as they are are pretty powerful, even with a reduction to the spell level, but if that is taken into account, it isn't terribly powerful, I suppose, especially with a harsh limit on the number of times it is allowable.

    Quote Originally Posted by Welknair View Post
    Edit: Halved the rate of spell level progression. Still powerful and versatile, just not SUPER. Note that I kept the DP the same.
    Oh, this looks much better.
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