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I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but I want to know until when the book will be available through pre-order (I can only buy it after the first week of April and I wouldn't want to miss it just for being a couple of weeks late.)

I'd also like to know how much does it weight and its size (for shipping info.) Thanks.
Based on this answer by The Giant, I'd say there will be planned inventory for you to order in April:

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The book won't be sent to the printer until the first week in April, in order to help us judge how many orders we're going to get. Based on previous books, we know that about 75% of all the order we're going to get will be in the first two weeks, and the other 25% will be over the next 3 months, so we'll extrapolate the print run number from what we get in March.
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And speaking of which, I think it would be awesome if the Giant put up an autographed copy of this as an auction in the dreamwidth or livejournal help japan forums. It'd probably go for an insanely high amount.
That sounds like a great idea.

Also, I've found On the Origin of PC's available from a third party distributor, if there's no way to better share the wealth I'll buy it from them.