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    Quote Originally Posted by unosarta View Post
    Probably because the designers forgot about it. They forget about everything.
    Hmm. There's a Salient Divine Ability that gives gods immunity to Fire. That makes me think it was intentional... And yet Visage of the Deity does give Fire Resist... I wish they'd be more consistent.

    And thank you, Veklim.

    One of the interesting things about this bloodline set is that it's so versatile. You can use these same three for literally any god. Though based on Greek Mythology, it does fit well with about anything. And another interesting point: I did almost nothing to make it. It's just the base pattern. The only real decision that I made was at what levels they would get which resistances, the +1 Armor, the DR, and how to work the Domains. Man, after going through all of this again, I feel like making a few Half-Gods.

    Oh, had an interesting idea for something: Deity Rising rules. Outlining the process of how a god is created (Assuming that such a thing is supported in your campaign world, of course). My players are actually about to start trying to turn a Sentient Ring that they found (Jorath, the Ring of Awesome) into the new God of Magitech. Some matter of progression that moves you along till you reach a full Divine Rank 0 (and how to get form that to DR 1). Hm. Actually, this sounds a bit like my 0-Level Progression rules. How to get from A to B.

    I think I may be needing a full Homebrewer's Signature soon...

    Edit: Added rules for a couple of the Domain powers that needed a bit of adjusting (Greater Turning and the skills, mostly).
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