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    Default Re: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic RP Recruitment Thread

    Name: Fox Trot

    Appearance: Mocha furred with a fabulously coiffed jet black mane and russet red brown eyes.

    Cutie Mark: A series of hoof dance steps

    Skills: He is the Colt of Dance, thus his skill is dancing. He has a dance studio called the Leaping Pony in which he instructs young fillies and colts (think Cutie Crusader aged). However he remains somewhat accident prone and loses his sense of grace, especially if flying rocks and slush are involved

    Biography: Hailing from Manehatten he is most definitely a city pony at heart. He moved to Bridle Shores in attempt to start someplace new after having had, had a fall out with his former dance partner, among other complications. He has grown to really like this place despite the weirdness factor.

    Personality: A forward pony who's anything but shy. He was raised to be a gentlecolt and has the impulsive need to help fillies, even if they end up being fine without his help. He also has the impulsive need to put others before him even if he ends up getting hurt in some way. He is quick to apologize even when he does not need to and shouldn't. There is a sadness in him that he does his best to hide behind his dopey grins. Mental issues aside, he is really just a friendly pony who wants good friends. He can be a little silly sometimes in that dopey way.


    Acquaintances: Purple, Dr. Cunning, Charger.

    Purple-A strange pony, enjoys her silly cartoon antics.
    Dr. Cunning-Doesn't quite know him much to form a proper opinion.
    Charger- Finds them to be an adorable little foal, fancies their rambunctiousness.

    Casual Friendships: Icy Touch, Foxglove, Silvermane, Snickerdoodle, Soft Serve, Grills and Whitefire.

    Grills- One of his closer male friends, share a respect and strong passion for their respective skills.
    Foxglove-Finds her abstracted quirks endearing in a cute introspective way. Enjoyed the little dance with her.
    Silvermane-Feels bad for inadvertently making her sad during the party, really wants to make it up.
    Snickerdoodle: Seems like a cool fellow, likes his enthusiasm he has in his trade.
    Soft Serve- Feels like there's something more to this bartender and wants to get to know her more.
    Whitefire- Intimidating at first to him but after their dance and seeing her loosen up a bit, he kind of wants to see that smile more often.
    Icy Touch- Likes her a lot as a friend, enjoys hanging around her and getting to know her. Has opened up to her a lot.

    Close Friendships: None.
    Intimate Friendships: None.
    Past Relations
    Quickstep, his first love and former dance partner, blames himself for losing her.
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