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    The Holders
    {table=head]Number|Object|Character in possession|Player
    22|Holder of Chaos|Zefir|Zefir
    35|Holder of Fear|Nephrim|Earl of Purple
    42|Holder of the Star|Feia|ChaoticBob
    44|Holder of War|Anya|Reinholdt
    45|Holder of Peace|Andy|Zefir
    47|Holder of the Bloom|Xifra|Happyturtle
    55|Holder of Cruelty|Xifra|Happyturtle
    64|Holder of Nature|Zefir|Zefir
    80|Holder of Extravagance|Prometheus|ThirdEmperor
    81|Holder of Simplicity|Prometheus|ThirdEmperor
    86|Holder of the Lens|Feia|ChaoticBob
    94|Holder of the Self|Jack Empty|Murkus
    119|Holder of Cowardice|Feia|ChaoticBob
    123|Holder of Obsession|What|Magtok
    133|Holder of Compassion|The Alpha|ChaoticBob
    144|Holder of the Cost|Moff Prime|Moff Chumley
    155|Holder of Muse|Prometheus|ThirdEmperor
    156|Holder of the Shield|Justinian|Wolfbane
    176|Holder of Opening Doors|Psi|Haruki-kun
    181|Holder of the Five Rings|The Alpha|ChaoticBob
    195|Holder of Trade|Xifra|Happyturtle
    196|Holder of Penance|Justinian|Wolfbane
    227|Holder of Music|Guitar Pete|Project Mayhem
    327|Holder of the Western Seas|Gulaghar|Gulaghar
    378|Holder of Thirst|Anyu|Haruki-kun
    444|Holder of Serpents|What|Magtok
    448|Holder of the First Seed|Dr. Adrian Rein/Sarah Rein|Murkus
    468|Holder of Synchronicity|Moff Prime|Moff Chumley
    485|Holder of the Nibelung|Reserved|Gulaghar
    532|Holder of Eyes|Feia|ChaoticBob
    535|Holder of Banishment|Isaac|VampireRot
    1921|The Blade of Supremacy|Andy|Zefir
    2538|Holder of Legion|Mary Legion|Murkus
    Object Spreadsheet | Things to keep in mind
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