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    Oh, had an interesting idea for something: Deity Rising rules. Outlining the process of how a god is created (Assuming that such a thing is supported in your campaign world, of course).
    My first ever campaign created a deity (Gleeb Wurp, a lesser god in Obad-Hai's garden) via an accident with an epic artifact (loooong story) and a huge number of followers. I decided to use the number of 'believers' as a direct correlation to the amount of power being amassed for the ascension. I also used a set of heroic deeds (a la the trials of Hercules) as a guideline to the character's fame, giving a certain number of notoriety points for each labour undertaken. Of course, the fact that he had leadership and a bard for a cohort helped no end, but the basic principle worked beautifully.

    The accident created a spark of the divine in the character but there are many ways for a DM to create mechanics for that.
    The number of believers determined the level of the godhood (minor, lesser, etc)
    The notoriety earned by the labours determined how long it took to ascend (the higher the level of godhood, the more points that are required)
    The moment the level dictated by the number of followers had been reached with notoriety points, the ascension could begin.

    With your bloodline though, the system I used could do with a major overhaul, but those were the basic principles if it helps any?
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