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Interesting. An additional question: What happens when the god you're making didn't exist before? What if you go about the same process, with worshipers and sacrifices and tasks (done by the High Priest or somesuch)? I currently don't have rules for how that would work. Most deities in D&D have 20 or so Outsider HD. Those need to be factored in somewhere.
The Outsider HD start coming the moment ascension begins, for my campaign I only used 10, then jumped straight into godhood with the rest of the levels. If the god didn't exist before then you need to design them as they are going to be to figure out how they get there, divine destiny and all that.

The godshard principle of your setting is super-sweet, makes for a far easier time with followers and power calculation. I used the HD of each follower as the starting number you need to kickstart the process. You could adjust that to the number or power of the shards in each follower instead. The number you choose is arbitrary and always will be, it depends on the DM, setting, players, level, etc... I personally decided you need 100 HD of followers plus 100 more per Outsider HD already obtained, the moment you acheive that many you can perform the appropriate sacrifices/deeds/rituals needed to gain the next Outsider HD. For every Outsider HD you wish to obtain, you must gain at least half that level's xp in a righteous (or abominable, depending on alignment) deed or series of deeds. These deeds must be witnessed and chronicled by a number of followers equal to or greater than 5% of you total followers to count towards your xp target. This is easy at first, but gets significantly harder as the levels progress, hence only requiring 10 Outsider HD to ascend. I didn't have Deities and Demigods when I ran this campaign so this is all obsolete to a greater or lesser extent now