I must say I like the basic ideas. An age of legends, when humanity is on the sidelines sounds lovely.

I like that lizardfolk are a basic staple-of-the-setting race. Worlds where only standard human-like things are playable strike me as boring.

Mixing the gnomes and dwarves is an interesting choice.

Perhaps due to seeing far more Warner Brothers than Anime when growing up, I am more put off by 'small details only' furry people than by 'animals walking upright' furry people, which means that I have automatic bias against the kaas, but that's personal taste.

The spiritual planar works are again nice and lovely. Regarding demons though, why magical creatures and such, when there are so many abominations out there? A daemon is alien, and that's the proper way for things to be.

I do like the inclusion of taint, a thing I have often considered using, but not insofar have.

Given how the mage class as-is would mostly fit shamans and witches, would there not be some logic in making classes for the other types of mage? A blood mage should require more HP, as spells which are powered by life force could probably also drain the caster. Sorcerers and warlocks are even more volatile, from what I can see.

Regarding the map, if there truly is enough space for there to be a jungle on one end and tundra on the other, this would imply either a small world, considerable magical influence or a rather large continent. Given how most of the land is forested and civilization is not omnipresent, would navigating such a vast place not be very slow?

I like the falcata and suggest bumping it to martial weapon, to replace long swords and scimitars entirely. The long sword is very much a fantasy staple, removing it instantly makes people look more intensely at the weapons list.

As civilization first rose in dense forests instead of sandy plains as it did on Earth, I suggest considering what form of equipment would start developing first. A machete is likely necessary - a role the falcata can fulfill well.