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    Name: N/A
    Alias: N/A
    Gender: Male
    Template/Race: Aberrant/Sindran
    Age: 27
    Class/Level: Psion/* (see below)
    Description: N/A
    Personality: N/A
    Equipment: Not disclosed
    Abilities: Abilities of an aberrant sindran psion of aforementioned level (gains 1000 levels after 1000 days and then his level is squared every 1000 days thereafter (he cannot lose levels)) with telepathy discipline focus except that his psionic capability is absolutely limitless (he can effectively generate any result he can imagine). Fades into the dreamscape on death or other serious impediment (does not actually die or receive the impediment) and reforms immediately without such impediments. Can fade into the dreamscape at will and use it as a method of instant travel to wherever he wants to go. These abilities are incomprehensible and impossible to duplicate (though attaining some of them normally may be possible (such as achieving a level of 9000 in psion through XP gain)).
    Backstory: N/A
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