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    Spoiler: Char 1

    Alias: Nothing the Vacuous
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Homunculus
    Age: -
    Alignment: NG
    Class/Profession: -
    Equipment: White T-Shirt with red "S" written in permanent marker on the front. Black slacks, black sports shoes, black socks, etc.
    +Selective Hypercognitive Phasing out to 60 feet from self
    ++Destructive Phasing
    ++Defensive Phasing
    ++Utility Phasing
    ++Nondetection/Enigmatic Phasing
    +++Beneficial Phasing
    +Flight up to 120 mph with perfect maneuverability
    +Homunculus Regeneration
    +Ultimate Shield
    +Can boost Strength and Speed to be up to 100 times greater
    +Ultimate Spear
    +Ultimate Eye (right eye)
    ++Provides benefits to both eyes (even though it only appears in the right eye)
    ++Standard abilities in addition to others
    ++Allows comprehension for alchemy purposes of things he can see (see through/telescopic/magnifying vision (as much or as little as desired) for this analysis as well)
    +++Comprehension occurs in at most 1 second per 10 foot cube, but can be accelerated with energy input
    ++Memorize and duplicate fighting techniques
    +Tactile Alchemy
    ++Limitless energy and capacity (memory stored in it among other things) in own red stone (located in chest)
    +++Red stone contains no souls, but is his soul itself
    ++Ignores providence
    ++Can transmute anything touched (such as matter or energy)
    +++Automatically understands matter via ultimate eye, but not anything else (can produce raw energy, but shaping it to a purpose other than directed blasts requires practice)
    +++Must touch energy to "get a feel for it" whereas ultimate eye allows matter comprehension
    +++More energy input improves aspects of the transmutation (such as speed)
    ++No circle needed for transmutation
    +++Must form ring with hands and use hands on substance or chain of contact
    ++++Objects in any nullspace he controls are treated as being in chain of contact
    ++No penalty for rebound
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