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    Spoiler: Aknot


    Nicknames: Quicksilver
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Aberrant Silver Dragon
    Age: 40000 physically (and for the purpose of age category), 12 mentally (though still retaining the mental traits appropriate for his age category)
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Affiliation: Knights of Thorn
    Class/Profession: -
    Power Rating: ?
    Description: Aknot is an aberrant silver dragon but has a different appearance than most. Hex is 400 feet tall (excluding his tail which is as long as he is tall), and weighs 20000 tons.
    Spoiler: Appearance in armor

    Spoiler: Draconic Appearance

    His aberrant afterimage (visible only by true seeing effects or the like as normal) follows him more closely than is normal for an aberrant, appears as his fully sized natural form regardless of his current form, and the hexigan is visible on it's eyes.
    Personality: N/A
    Equipment: Knights of Thorn banded mail and Knights of Thorn greatsword (These items can be stored in their owner (not actual physical storage but more like an extradimensional space except they are stored outside of existence) or recalled from storage at will to any unoccupied space (aknot may use the phasing ability sharing mentioned below to bypass this restriction) within 5 feet of the owner (even such as to allow him to be wearing or equipping them) as desired regardless of circumstances (such as location) and weigh nothing while stored. These items also benefit from Aknot's phasing ability (unless he chooses otherwise) even while not in contact with him so long as he owns them. (these properties are psionic and cannot be analyzed)).
    Backstory/Notes/Subject to change on a whim|pulled out of my creative ... something: Aknot is a member of the 10 knights of thorn. He is the weakest of the 10 and the smaller of the 2 dragons in it's membership (the other being Primus, the great silver bastion who is much taller). The knights of thorn are a collection of beings that form a single consciousness and are in fact one being that acts as a hive mind. 9 out of 10 of them are currently dormant, but Aknot generally chooses to wander. Although they have served their purpose in defeating a terror of madness and evil from beyond the stars they occasionally choose to help others to entertain themselves (Aknot being the most likely to do so). While meddling in affairs they tend to reign in their power and limit themselves to using their armor and greatsword (though they may resort to larger amounts of power depending on the circumstances). They all possess the armaments of the knights of thorn but none of their ethos. Although the knights of thorn differ in abilities they are all incapable of being destroyed and have incredible power. These traits hold true even for Aknot.
    Spoiler: Not everyone likes to read these things

    Aknot can allow anything to pass through himself and his equipment (even things such as mind affecting effects) such that he cannot be affected by things he chooses to be unaffected by (he automatically phases away from negative effects or at the very least the negative component of such effects (this could cause him to be immovable by others and allow him to solidly block attacks if he chooses (it also grants him the ability to exert an unlimited amount of physical force despite not normally having the muscular structure to do so))). This phasing is a modification of normal incorporeality that some beings (such as some undead) possess in that it allows him to interact normally or not on a very granular level. Aknot's phasing can even affect unusual things such as him being tired (by deeming it negative and phasing it away). Aknot can walk (or move faster such as running) in any direction as though unaffected by gravity and lack of a solid surface to support his weight. Aknot has a fly speed of 60 feet with perfect maneuverability (this method of flight requires no effort but requires a conscious decision to move in a given direction). Aknot has priority over anything occupying the same space as himself if he phases to be able to affect them (this allows him to damage things by taking priority and completely destroying them (he may even do this dynamically and appear to "wipe" things away at a touch (there is no restriction on what he can destroy so long as it occupies the space in contention))). Aknot can such complete control over this ability that he may partially phase in any way he can imagine (such as only certain portions of himself or only with respect to certain things). This destructive phasing leaves a thin green afterglow for a few moments around the edges that remain. This ability can ignore the law of conservation of matter and the law of conservation of energy if Aknot chooses for it to do so. This ability can allow Aknot to become completely or partially undetectable by any or all means he chooses at will. This ability allows Aknot to breathe normally even when no oxygen is present. This ability prevents itself and Aknot from being duplicated in any aspect [except by himself using an ability to do so](his appearance and abilities (both mundane (even ability scores and other aspects/copied abilities/replicated abilities) and non-mundane) cannot be mimicked or stolen in any way (nor can others benefit from them in any manner without his intent)). This ability and all other abilities Aknot has (even ones he duplicates) cannot be impeded from their normal function by any means. The abilities he exhibits cannot be analyzed (even if they duplicate other effects) although the end results can be. This ability is psionic.
    >Aknot and his equipment are not subject to entropy (such as muscle atrophy). This ability is psionic.
    >Aknot can change his location to anywhere he can imagine at will (even unusual locations such as other times/time stream velocities and he may bring up to 50 pounds with him). This ability is psionic.
    >Aknot has a semi-visual based hypercognitive/precognitive ability which allows him to react in whatever ways he needs to accomplish what he wants (so long as it is possible to do so). This ability is both conscious and subconscious in its function (such as allowing him to react to a future event that he would want to change or allowing him to discern what actions to take to arrive at a desired result). Aknot may use this ability without relying on sight for other purposes (such as knowing the answer to a question). This ability has no limit on what it can discern. Generally this ability provides something like a HUD on Aknot's vision but need not necessarily do so. Aknot can instinctively follow along with instructions he receives from this ability as he needs (such as his power to accelerate himself and his arm muscles instinctively allowing him to catch a projectile without seeing it or speeding up his perception of time as much as he needs but still being able to send signals to his body to move as directed). This ability is psionic.
    >Aknot has automatic immunity to attempts to influence his behavior and is immediately aware of such attempts and their purpose. This ability is psionic.
    >Aberrants do not need to eat to survive but can do so anyways. Aknot specifically does not need to sleep or breathe to survive either but can do so anyways. Aknot does not experience any discomfort or unease if he does not perform some or all of these activities. In addition, Aknot can appreciate human foods even though he is not human anymore.
    >Aberrants altered state involving their essence partly outside their body allows them to learn and remember information without being limited by the capacity of the brain (though they still generally channel such information through their brain).
    >Aberrants reverse age towards adulthood and cease aging thereafter.
    >Aknot has all the standard Silver Dragon traits except as noted here and that all his draconic abilities are psionic rather than magical (though they may emulate spells).
    >Aknot does not need to wait between uses of his breath weapon.
    >Aknot's breath weapon cone size can vary between 15 feet and as much as he is tall (currently 400 feet).
    >Aknot may modify his breath weapon with his phasing ability as though it were a part of himself. This allows him to do things like exclude targets or use the destructive phasing component (when he does this his breath weapon appears as green flames instead) to completely annihilate an opponent (or both of these together). Aknot may also choose to produce flames in place of cold with his breath weapon.
    >Aknot may use his alternate form any number of times in a day.
    >Aknot's alternate form can generate simple clothing as needed.
    >Aknot retains his physical ability scores in any alternate form.
    >Aknot's alternate form ability can also allow him to take the form of a smaller version (any size smaller than his normal size to a minimum of small size and his weight scales accordingly) of his full size natural form (he retains his breath weapons in this case at their full spread size as though he were still his natural size).
    >Aknot's dexterity score (unlike most dragons) is equal to his strength score.
    >Aknot's flight functions with a magical component that generates enormous amounts of lift just below his wings as well as preventing any air movement (such as gusts when he flaps his wings) unless he chooses to. It also allows him to fly at a speed of up to twice the speed of sound with perfect maneuverability and even fly in unusual environments (such as underwater or outer space). Visually this appears as rippling distortions of the air in the immediate area (out to 1 meter) below Aknot's wings when he is flying with this ability. This ability is psionic.
    >Aknot may choose to exert less than his full weight when in his natural form as he desires. This ability is psionic.
    >Aknot can walk on nothing by generating "solid light" beneath his feet. This ability is psionic.
    >Aknot has the hexigan in both eyes. He may choose to manifest it in any form that has eyes whether it is his natural form or not. Aknot's hexigan does not function on chakra but rather psionic energy (though he may convert this psionic energy into any other sort of energy he desires). This ability is psionic.
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