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    Name: N/A
    Aliases: Fragment of Nothing, Mirage, nothing, Nothing, Paradox
    Gender: Male
    Template/Race: Aberrant/Sindran
    Age: 40000
    Class/Level: Psion 40000 [Telepath]
    Description: N/A
    Personality: N/A
    Equipment: Not disclosed
    >Abilities of an aberrant sindran.
    >Gains sufficient XP to advance a level each year he is alive (may make any decisions for levels gained at any time after he has the necessary xp to gain them). Has unlimited resources for class abilities where the resources are granted by the class or race (power points, psionic focus, uses per day of x/day abilities, etc.). Has a pool of XP equal to his total XP that can be used to pay XP costs which refreshes every 24 hours he is alive (apparent time or actual time/whichever refreshes it faster). Can substitute XP for GP costs at a 1:1 ratio.
    >Has unusual phasing capabilities. Automatically phases away all negative possibilities that would directly affect him (this is very open ended). Can displace or destroy anything occupying the same space as himself with this phasing ability even in violation of physical laws. This destructive phasing can be very precise and used as creatively as he can imagine (such as only parts of areas he occupies being destroyed). Can partially or completely phase as he can imagine. Can phase to avoid detection of any and all kinds. Can phase to other locations, times, differently accelerated time streams, and any other destination he can imagine. Can use this ability to "walk on nothing" as though he were on an unbreakable solid surface or fly at a speed of up to 60 miles per hour. Can use phasing to breathe normally even when no oxygen is present. This ability can extend to his equipment as he chooses, is absolutely flexible within its capabilities, and is semi-intelligent such that it can interpret his desires and function accordingly (with intelligence and hypercognitive knowledge) while not functioning contrary to his will.
    >None of his abilities can be copied, understood (except by him), negatively affect him, or impeded by any means.
    >All his aforementioned abilities are psionic in nature.
    Backstory: N/A
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