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    Nickname: Hex
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Aberrant Hollow (Arrancar)
    Age: 40000
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Affiliation: N/A
    Class/Profession: -
    Power Rating: ?
    Description: Hex is an aberrant hollow and appears as a normal human except that his hollow hole is located on the center of his chest (typical for hollows). Hex has no remnants of his hollow mask. Hex is 6'2" tall, and weighs 150 lbs.
    His aberrant afterimage (visible only by true seeing effects or the like as normal) follows him more closely than is normal for an aberrant. Hex does not have (and cannot naturally grow) hair except on his head and eyebrows and his hair does not grow past his neck. Hex's hair that he does have is no longer than half a centimeter in length and cannot grow past this length.
    Personality: Hex is lazy and tired perpetually. The rest of his personality is largely lacking and he is generally thoroughly uninteresting. He likes observing people and listening in on their conversations because he's bored.
    Equipment: Black Cargo Pants, White T-Shirt, White Socks, Sneakers, Undergarments.[/Weapon]
    Spoiler: Not everyone likes to read these things

    >Hex can allow anything to pass through himself and his equipment (even things such as mind affecting effects) such that he cannot be affected by things he chooses to be unaffected by (he automatically phases away from negative effects or at the very least the negative component of such effects (this could cause him to be immovable by others and allow him to solidly block attacks if he chooses)). Hex's phasing can even affect unusual things such as him being tired (by deeming it negative and phasing it away). Hex can walk in any direction as though unaffected by gravity and lack of a solid surface to support his weight. Hex has a fly speed of 60 feet with perfect maneuverability (this method of flight requires no effort but requires a conscious decision to move in a given direction). Hex has priority over anything occupying the same space as himself if he phases to be able to affect them (this allows him to damage things by taking priority and completely destroying them (he may even do this dynamically and appear to "wipe" things away at a touch (there is no restriction on what he can destroy so long as it occupies the space in contention))). Hex can such complete control over this ability that he may partially phase in any way he can imagine (such as only certain portions of himself or only with respect to certain things). This ability can ignore the law of conservation of matter and the law of conservation of energy in some cases. This ability can allow hex to become completely or partially undetectable by any or all means he chooses at will. This ability allows Hex to breathe normally even when no oxygen is present. This ability prevents itself and hex from being duplicated in any aspect [except by himself using an ability to do so](his appearance and abilities (both mundane (even ability scores and other aspects) and non-mundane) cannot be mimicked or stolen in any way (nor can others benefit from them in any manner without his intent)). This ability and all other abilities hex has cannot be impeded from their normal function by any means. The abilities he exhibits cannot be analyzed (even if they duplicate other effects) although the end results can be. This ability is psionic.
    >Hex and his equipment are not subject to entropy (such as muscle atrophy). This ability is psionic.
    >Hex has absolute self control that he can use as he chooses. This self control is of psionic nature.
    >Hex has unlimited psionic prowess with a limitless capacity to exhibit it. The psionic disciplines and powers listed in the SRD can provide examples of the possibilities and further extrapolation of the psionic ability Hex has but are not indicative of limits to what Hex can achieve with psionics.
    >Hex can automatically read, write, speak, and understand any language. In addition, he can speak and allow others to understand what he is saying even if he isn't speaking a language they'd understand. This ability is of psionic nature.
    >Hex's hollow abilities follow suit with his psionic abilities in that they are functionally limitless (such as exerting any amount of strength, moving so quickly as to move outside of time, hierro blocking any form of attack, etc.). Hex may fire cero and bala from any part of his body as he chooses.
    >Hex's resurrección allows him to take the form of a deathclaw. While in this form he can attack with his claws in the direction of a target and hit it as though they came in direct contact with them. The release command is "Rend".

    >Hex can "draw" a sword from either of his palms at will which appears to be a normal longsword with a cross-guard but is actually made from (and is also an extension of) his hierro. These swords reintegrate (they appear to disappear instantly) with Hex if they are ever more than 10 feet away from him. Swords created by this ability are as tough as his hierro is and are difficult to dull as such.
    >Aberrants do not need to eat to survive but can do so anyways. Hex specifically does not need to sleep or breathe to survive either but can do so anyways. Hex does not experience any discomfort or unease if he does not perform some or all of these activities. In addition, Hex can appreciate human foods even though he is a hollow.
    >Aberrants reverse age towards adulthood and cease aging thereafter.
    >Due to his vast speed Hex has the option to enter a mental state similar to bullet time in which he feels as though he everything else is vastly slowed down or he can reflexively act as needed.
    >Although Hex is a hollow his aberrant template is in fact his heart and essence clinging tightly to him which allows his personality to be unaffected by his state of being a hollow. In addition, Hex does not have a sword because of this and does not need to reseal his powers into his sword as such.
    >Also, Hex can use kido despite being a hollow.
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