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    Paladin Academy: Chapter 2: Part 7

    Footsteps echo down the hall with a steady rhythm. A soft female chuckle accompanied the footsteps on their stroll. As they round a corner, a voice calls out.
    "Hello Rabbit."

    Rabbit stopped, startled. Bis was before her, yet his back was to her. He was bent over picking up some scrolls that were scattered across the ground while holding an already large armful of scrolls.
    "How did you know it was me?"

    Bis picked up a scroll, only to have a couple more fall out of the pile onto the floor.
    "Who else has footsteps that are so perfectly in beat?"
    He still tries picking up the scrolls in vain until Rabbit started helping him.
    "Oh, thank you. I thought I could carry all these in one trip myself."

    Rabbit scoops up the last of the scrolls and looks closely at one of them.
    "Who are these for?"

    He turns and starts walking down the hallway.
    "Mordokai wanted me to give these to Nil to work on while he was gone."

    Rabbit looks incredulously at the number of scrolls.
    "All of these?!"

    "Yeah. I think Mordokai purposely gave Nil the task just so he didn't have to do it himself. Or maybe prevent him from throwing any parties while he's gone."
    He chuckled at his joke.

    "Awww. Poor Nil. Can you imagine the sudden responsibility he has thrust upon him?"

    "He'll probably be too busy enjoying Mordokai's fancy chair."

    "Don't say that about Nil. He's not like that."


    "I am loving this chair!"
    Nil was spinning around on a very fancy looking swivel armchair looking quite pleased with himself. As he spun, he tries addressing a corner of the room as it comes briefly in sight before dashing out of sight again.
    "Why can't you...make chairs like this...for the rest of us...Blue?"

    Blue is leaning heavily on his staff watching Nil enjoy himself. While his expression unreadable, his eyes showed hint of both amusement and annoyance.
    "Because it has proven itself to, time and time again, attract the recipient's attention that is best directed elsewhere."

    Nil finally stopped spinning around in the chair.
    "Oh sorry. But the fact this chair can spin around, as well as being incredibly comfortable, its just so different then those hard wooden chairs we have to put up with."

    "Indeed. However, if we could put your interest in unique furniture aside for a moment, perhaps we can continue on."

    Nil sits up a little straighter.
    "Right. So what do you have to report."

    Blue reaches into his robes to pull out a purple potion.
    "It is unfortunate that on the day of his departure, I was unable to inform Mordokai of the success of the counter-poison to Recaiden's tool. I am curious as to where he gets such a stash. The potion suggests a magic origin. Unfortunately, I was unable to determine the source or the type of magic. It was simply too old."

    Nil leans back in his chair.
    "I didn't know magic-"
    There was a knock at the door.
    "Oh, come in!"

    Bis and Rabbit enter carrying their armful of scrolls.
    "Mordokai asked me to give these to you Nil before he left. Oh, hi Blue."
    Blue just turns his head to acknowledge he heard them. But otherwise says nothing.

    As Rabbit and Nil start dumping the scrolls on the desk, Nil stares at them in horror.
    "What in the Seven Heavens is this?!"

    "Something Mordokai wanted to have looked through by you while he was gone."
    Everyone else in the room couldn't help but notice Rabbit organizing the scrolls into a straight and neat row across the desk.

    Nil grabs he wrist to stop her.
    "Thank you, Rabbit. But I got it from here thanks. You two can go now."

    Rabbit nods in acknowledgement and the two turn and leave the office. But before the door closes, Nil heard from Rabbit,
    "See? I told you Nil wasn't like that."

    Nil sat down heavily in the chair and placed his face in his hand.
    "He's doing this to torture me. I just know it."

    "While I would normally assist in the defense of Mordokai in any accusation."
    The glowing eyes do a sweep at the number of scrolls before him.
    "The evidence is staggering."

    Nil sighs.
    "It's getting late. You should go too Blue."

    "Alas, a pity. And just when things were getting good to."
    Nil answered with an annoyed look out of the corner of his eye.
    "Very well. Until light arises once more."

    The door closes leaving Nil alone with the mountain of scrolls in front of him. He reaches out and picks up one of them at random and slowly unrolls it. At a glance, it appeared to be an old blueprint of the fortress. Nil tosses it aside on the desk and gets up. He crosses the room, blows out the candles supplying the light, and closes the door behind him.
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